Darkest Hour.

Sapphire Blue was your normal goody two shoes type of girl. Whereas Harry Styles was the complete opposite. He was the most dangerous boy in Cheshire and almost everyone had heard stories about him fighting,smoking and using girls.


2. Chapter 2.

The next day I went to work at the local cafe. It wasn't the best job in thw whole world but my friend Cassie's parents owned it so I guess it was kind of guaranteed. 

I was being my usual self, making someones coffee in the kitchen whilst singing and dancing to the radio. When suddenly I heard a familiar voice call "Nice dancing Saph!" I immediately blushed. I recognised the voice to be Cassie's older brother Josh who also worked in the cafe with me. Truthfully,I had always had the biggest crush on him but I didn't dare tell him or even Cassie for that matter.

"Uh,hey Josh" I giggled as I turned the radio down slightly not wanting to embarrass myself anymore.

"Do you want to come to a house party tonight?" He asked smiling "My friend Dylan is having one for his birthday and Cassie is coming so you won't be alone"

I thought about it for a moment before nodding "Sure,sounds like fun thanks," I say smiling. Maybe tonight would be a good night for me. I hadn't been out to a party in ages. Well, I wan't the usual party type. I was the quiet,shy one that most boys didn't take a second glance at,so tonight I was going to try and put a lot of effort in.

After my shift I decided to go into a few stores and try to find a dress for the party tonight. First, I went into Topshop and looked around but none of the dresses took my fancy so I decided to go to Urban Outfitters.

As soon as I walked in I spotted a simple grey skater dress which I thought would look great with a leather jacket and some simple black heels or even converse. I took it to the dressing rooms and smiled as it fit me,so I bought it.

I got home and checked my phone seeing that Cassie had text me:

'Are you coming tonight babe?xxx'

I read to myself and smiled as I replied:

'Yeah,can't wait xxx'

I honestly had a good feeling about tonight,I just hoped nothing would go wrong and ruin it.

(Sorry this chapters really short,they will get longer I promise)

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