Darkest Hour.

Sapphire Blue was your normal goody two shoes type of girl. Whereas Harry Styles was the complete opposite. He was the most dangerous boy in Cheshire and almost everyone had heard stories about him fighting,smoking and using girls.


1. Chapter 1.

After a long night at my friend Cassie's house I decided to start heading home. But as usual my parents were not prepared to come and pick me up,I swear they hated me! So I had to walk home by myself. I thought I would get home quicker if I took the short-cut so that's exactly what I did,I was about to walk down the passage way when I spotted an unfamiliar curly-haired figure throwing punches at a guy who was now hunched over on the ground in pain. I froze at the sight of the two boys and fear over took my body. I really didn't know what to do until I found myself calling "Stop! You're going to kill him!" Why did you just do that Saph?

The tall curly-haired guy walked towards me and my whole body started shaking with fear as he slammed my body against the wall and pushed up against me harshly.

"What are you going to do about it?" He smirked

I tried to find the slightest bit of courage inside of me to reply and finally said "N-Nothing," I tried to struggle out of his grip but failed against his strength. I looked up slightly to see his expression and found him studying my face before he moved back slightly to looke me up and down.

"You better not." He hissed as he grabbed my wrist. I nodded quickly to show that I understood and he smirked as he let go of me. "What's your name beautiful?" He asked me whilst looking rather smug. I knew that is I didn't reply he would get angry so I told him "Sapphire Blue." I mumbled a bit quieter. He looked at me for a while before saying "Nice to meet you Sapphire, I'm Harry"

I nodded slolwy and stayed quiet as I took in my surroundings. "I-I should go.." I mumbled before turning to walk out of the alley. I just wanted to get away from the scene and I hoped that I would never have to see his face again.

"Bye Sapphire," He said with a slight chuckle and I could tell by his tone of voice that he was smirking. He seemed dangerous,the complete opposite to me most people say oppposties attract but definitely not in this case..I hope.

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