The Power Within (Punk)

After living a terrible life with her father, Mercy Garcia finally runs away to live with her mother in Bardford. Her life is getting better and better everyday and she thinks that she finally found peace. But no, a certain boy steps in her life and he's about to make it more dangerous than it was when she lived with her father.


1. Chapter 1.




I ran. 


I don't care where, i just wanted to run away from that hell i once used to call home. It kind of hurts to know that i will never going to go back there, because of the things i suffered. But that place isn't home for me anymore. It's hell, and nobody wants to go to hell right?


I wonder what my father will do. Call my mom? Chase me then kill me? No. He couldn't do it. Even though he hates me so much, he could not kill his own child. I don't think anyone could. But there are some people who give a birth to a baby then throw it in a garbage. If i could punch those people in the face, i would. 


My mom lives in Bradford, which is far from London. I don't even know how i'm going to get there. Train? I don't have any money. 


I sighed as i stopped running. I was breathing heavily and it really helped, not, because of my asthma. Thank God i took my medicine. I pushed the button on top on inhaled, feeling better. 


My phone's battery is probably dead. 


I took out the phone and looked at it, finding out that i have more than half of the battery left. I mentally jumped and screamed of joy and in reality i just smiled widely. I unlocked my shitty phone and searched for my mom's number in my phone. 


When i started calling her, she picked up after about three rings.


"Hello, sunshine," She said and i could feel that she was smiling. We don't meet often, i think the last time we met was last year, and it was only for ten minutes because she had to go to a meeting. 


"Hey, mom," I said, still out of breath. 


"Were you running or somthing?" She asked me and i chuckled, chuckling all the air out of my lungs. 


"Out of home, yeah," I said.




"I ran away from dad," I spat out that word like it was some kind of venom. 




"Do you remember that time when you saw a big purple bruise on my side?" I asked, not actually waiting for an answer. "Dad made it," I said and heard her gasp on the other line of the phone.


"Dear, where are you now?" She asked me, her voice cracking at the end. 


"Well, i'm in front of Emily's house," I said calmly, but i knew that my dad will look for me here.


"Don't go there. I'll call my friend who lives in London, you'll stay with her," My mom explained everything and i nodded, but knowing that she can't see me, i hummed 'mhm'. "I'll come to London tomorrow and we'll go to Bardford," She said and i smiled.


Actually a good life is waiting for me. 


I was abused, shouted at and treated like a shit at dad's house, but i don't think this will happen wih my mom. Probably that's why they divorced, they were total opposites. 


But i'm glad they divorced, because i can run away from dad and live with my mom. 


I was still looking at Emily's house and then i knew that i won't see her soon. I'm going to be living in Bradford until i'm 18, and only then i'm going to move to London to study or maybe even in America. 


I said goodbye to Emily and sat down on a pavement, looking around. It was really calm evening, and it actually amazed me.There would me millions of cars driving the road, but today was kind of different and i loved it.


About ten minutes of thinking and looking around, hoping that my dad isn't chasing me, i saw a car pull over. I stood up and saw a blonde woman, maybe 35 years old, looking at me and smiling. 


"Are you Mercy?" She asked me and i nodded. "Come in. Your mother called me," She said and i hooped in her car. It was really nice Audi Q7 and a car of my dreams. 


"I'm Margaret," She said sticking out her hand for me to shake. 


"Mercy," I smiled at her.


"I'm really sorry about your dad," She said and looked at me sympathetically. I just smiled at her and shook my head. 


"Don't worry about that," I looked through the window. "Better life in Bradford is waiting for me,"


* * * * * 

Hey guys :) This is my new story. It's not interesting now, but it's going to be more interesting later. You probably already know that i hate writing the first chapters. They're so boring. If i could i would write a story from the middle :D I'm just joking. OK, tell me what you think. It means a lot :)



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