The Life Of Neon

This story is about a 15 year old boy name Jack Winsion who meets a girl name Neon and discover that her world and people is wonderful but dosen't know what is watching them.


4. Time of Thinking

                     So Neon suited up and went to city hall to get for the journey that waited for her. Then she sat down and wrote a letter to Jack to ask him if he wanted to come along. A few minutes later Jack the letter and ran to the entrance to Glowtion.

"You came.," said Neon

"Neon is that really you, also who want to miss out a adventure like this?," said Jack 

"That true but are you sure you want to come it's going to a very dangerous journey?," said Neon 

"Yes i'm sure.," said jack 

"Well lets go.," said Neon handing a pair of army clothes 

                     So Jack and Neon went on there journey they climb up mountains, ran in warm valleys and they still haven't made it to Shadow Hallow and it was still a bit away. Until they heard a weird noise. 

"Stay here.," whisper Neon and walk slowly looking around 

                   Then all of sudden a huge giant shadow like monster appeared out of no where making a horribly awful sound. Looking at then with dark red creepy eye and also showing its sharp dangerous teeth and claws. 

"Run!," they both said running as fast the could

                    As they where running and got stuck in a dead in. Scared and frighten they both kept thinking on how to get out.

"We have to climb up the trees!," said Neon 

                     so they both climbed the up trees and the shadow like monster kept trying to grab them. But before it could they jumped to a different tree which made the shadow like monster stuck. Then they both jumped down and Neon pushed jack away.

"close your eyes!," yelled Neon 

"Okay!," said Jack 

"This is for all the Englowphions you and your people have hurt, LIGHT BLAST!!!," yelled Neon and a big blast of light came out of Neon's hands 

                     From all the light hitting on the shadow like monster it made a explosion and then it was gone. Then Neon ran to Jack to see if he was okay.

"You okay? You look a bit spooked.," said Neon 

"I just didn't know you could do that, that's all.," said Jack 

"Oh now you do.," said Neon smiling with her eyes closed 

"lets kept going, how know what they are going to do.," said Jack 

                    So they got a drink and ate a bit of food and set of to go to Shadow Hallow.






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