The Life Of Neon

This story is about a 15 year old boy name Jack Winsion who meets a girl name Neon and discover that her world and people is wonderful but dosen't know what is watching them.


3. Adventure Time

                   So after Jack left Neon was called to city hall had a talk. Also Jack went  to see his friends for the rest of the day because it stop raining. 

"You should have seen her, she like an angel and her town so different but different in a cool way.," said Jack 

"Really, is she pretty.," said one of his friends 

"That doesn't matter to me I just like her for who she is., said he said 

                   While Jack talk his friends about Neon she had her own things to do with the city hall. She sat in the front of the mayors desk for about five minutes until the mayor came to talk to her.

"Neon, darling we need you to go to Spook Hallow to stop the Shadow Spooks you understand.," said the mayor 

"Yes I understand always I already finish my training.," said Neon 


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