Forever young

Jessie Wel is 17 years young. She finds herself in 2010 watching X-factor on a rainy day. As she hears a young man singing 'Isnt She Lovely' she went laying down in her bed to a sitting position. She knew from his wonderful curls and Emerald eyes, she was in love.


5. Thank You, Haz.


"Okay, now go get ready, Love. The date is in 32 minutes."  Harry looked at me, the did the hand motion to tell me to move faster.
My eyes widened and I made a "o" with my mouth. I ran upstairs to my room. I swung open my closet door and found this beautiful, bright pink dress. It felt silky. It was short, and only went up to my knees. I went into my jewelry holder, and chose this gold chain, necklace with the pendant as a yellow flower. I got it from Hawaii. I got everything laid out, and hopped into the shower. 

Harry's pov

I felt so bad for Jes. Why would someone say that? What kinda fight did they have? Then I heard the door knock.
I answered it.
"oh. It's you." A boy said to me with his eyes squinted. 
"Who are you?" I asked politely. 
Who was this prick. 
"My name is Jessie. I wanted to see Jes." He said. But his eyes lightened up, but they still looked angry.
"Sorry, Jessie." I said with hate in my voice, "Jes dosent want to talk to you. Leave her alone or I will have to call the police." I finished. Jessie scoffed and left. I slammed the door and got ready. I walked up the stairs and opened what I thought was my bedroom door but opened up on Jessie's room. I heard the shower running and decided to close her door.
I went to my bedroom and undressed. I got on some black, tight pants. I put on a white tee and a burgundy shawl. I decided to grab Jes's curling iron and curl my hair a bit more. I sprayed my empished curls to make them stay in.
I sat on the couch and watched 'Adventure Time'

Jessie's Pov

The shower felt wonderful, but then I realized I've been in here for more than 15 minutes.
I quickly hopped out of the shower. I dried myself and got dressed. 
I had to hurry otherwise Harry would be every upset with me. I blow-dried my hair. Brushed it than straightend it. 
I ran Downstairs and saw Harry watching 'Adventure Time' I smiled. I grabbed my black Toms and asked "Are you ready?" I think I might have scared him a bit cause he jumped. "Whoa. You look amazing. And um of course I'm ready!" Harry said ecstatically. I smiled. He put on his black toms and we left the house. He ran in front of me just to open the passenger door. "Thank you, Haz." I smiled 
"You're more than welcome, Jes." He smiled back.

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