Speechless (Sequel to Breathless)

Niall and Liam are finally together, they finally can be the couple they want to be. They don't have to worry about Niall's insane uncle, or so they think. Little did they know someone very close to them is helping Niall's uncle. Will the boys see through their masks? Will Niall and Liam's love fail when Niall meets someone who seems to be better for him than Liam? Read and find out :)


16. One Way Or Another

Hey guys! so school started so updates are going to start slowing down a lot... sorry but here's an exciting update! I love hearing your predictions so keep them up please? comment? :)


Chapter 16


-Liam’s POV-


It’s been about 7 hours since I last saw Niall. A small team of nurses took him away and said they were going to begin the surgery. Maura hasn’t been back since she told me I had to cover all the expenses of the surgery. I don’t know what to do, I can’t afford any of this. I don’t even have a job. I’ve been living off of the small money my mother left me after she died, plus the small allowance Mr. Malik gives me each month to keep the fridge stalked. Even with everything I own it would only cover one fourth of the costs. I am in a sea of guilt and confusion. I know Niall needs this, but what am I going to do once the bill comes in? I can’t just hand it over to Niall and tell him it’s his responsibility. I am the one who signed the forms and told the doctors to continue with the procedure. I am sitting in the waiting room when I feel my phone buzz. I look down and see it’s a text from Giulia. That’s odd, she doesn’t normally text me.


From Giulia:


Liam, I need you to come home. Something happened with Zayn and I need your help.


I nearly dropped the phone as the words clicked into my brain




Needs help.


Come home.


I jumped out of the seat and rushed to the nurse’s station. The short woman with dark brown hair looked up at me and smiled politely.


“Hi Liam, what can I do for you?” Savannah asked.


“Do you have any idea when Niall will be out? I am needed to be somewhere right now but I don’t want to miss when he gets out of surgery.” I practically shout at her. I think she could tell it was an emergency so she quickly typed something into the computer.


“Well, I think he’s due to be out in an hour or so, but he probably won’t be awake at first. We don’t even know if the procedure will be affective. I think it’s safe for you to step out for a few hours.” She smiled. I thanked her before running out of the waiting room and into the parking lot finding my car. I fumbled with the keys in my hand and nearly dropped them trying to open my door to the car. Once I was inside I quickly started the car and zoomed out of the parking lot as quickly as possible. I think I was breaking the speed limit by a long shot, but I could care less. I rushed to the house I had dreaded stepping foot into for so long. All those thoughts aside I screeched to a halt in the driveway and jumped out of the car. I scurried up to the door and didn’t bother knocking since I still technically live here. I burst through the front door silently thanking god it wasn’t locked. When I got into the house it was eerily quiet. I walked deeper into it and stopped inside the living room.


“Hello Liam.” Said an unfamiliar voice. I turned to see the holder of the voice and nearly dropped. It was Josh and next to him was Michael and Maura. Michael had Giulia in his arms, she had a gun to her head and she looked terrified. Next to him was Josh and he had Zayn held at gun point also. They were trapped, and so was I.


-Louis POV-


“What movie next? We still have a whole book shelve love.” Harry asked kissing my neck lightly. I smiled at him and shrugged.


“Maybe Mean Girls. I love that movie. And we just watched Titanic so I need a funny movie to stop the tears.” I joked pecking his lips lightly. He laughed and nodded before getting up and changing the movie. I watched him as he changed the movie smirking at his naked butt. I’m not going to lie, I love his butt.


“Okay love, here we go.” He said kissing my cheek as he cuddled back up to me in bed. Harry and I had spent most of the day in bed watching as many movies as we possibly could, we hadn’t really wanted to get out and face the real world. I was tangled within his limbs staring into his emerald eyes, even though I was supposed to be watching the movie, when my phone rang. We both groaned, not wanting to get out of our comfortable positions. Harry pushed the pause button before looking down at me.


“You should get that babe, we can’t hide forever.” Harry said in his gruff voice. I whined and he laughed hugging me tightly. I reached over him and snatched up my phone glancing at the number. I didn’t recognize it, but I don’t normally get calls from unknown numbers so I answered it.


“Hello?” I said. Harry started slowly running the tip of his pointer finger over my arm, raising Goosebumps as he lightly drug it across my body. It was becoming difficult to pay attention to the person on the phone.


“Hi, is this Louis Tomlinson?” a man asked on the other end of the phone. I tried to block the dirty thoughts that were threatening to take over my mind.


“Yes, may I ask whose calling?” I asked swatting Harry’s hand lightly he laughed before untangling himself, sadly, and walking out of the bedroom. I had to stifle a giggle because he hadn’t even bothered to put on boxers.


“It’s Doctor Samuels. I am Niall’s doctor and I tried to call Liam but it went straight to voice mail. His mother didn’t leave her number and neither did his father, you’re the next person on his emergency list. I need you to come down to the hospital immediately. It’s urgent.” Dr. Samuels said. My jaw dropped. What could have happened? Why wasn’t Liam answering? Better yet, why isn’t he at the hospital with Niall? Isn’t Niall supposed to have his surgery?


“Uh, yeah. I’ll be there as soon as possible. Thank you.” I said before hanging up and jumping out of bed. I rushed over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of pants at random and grabbed a T-shirt off the floor hoping it was clean enough. I ran out of the bedroom into the kitchen to find a, still naked, Harry standing by the stove cooking. He turned and smiled.


“Where you off to speedy? I thought we were going to watch movies the rest of the night?” He asked his face falling slightly when he saw me pick up my keys.


“That was Niall’s doctor. Something’s wrong and they need me to be there. I don’t know what’s going on but they can’t get ahold of Liam. So I think something’s wrong with him. I need you to go to his house and see if Zayn knows anything. Please and Thank you baby.” I say giving him a quick peck on the lips and running out the front door leaving Harry in a confused but willing to do state. I pulled out of the drive in such a rush I don’t even think I checked to see if there was oncoming traffic. I went way above the speed limit and zoomed as quickly as I could to the hospital. I got there in record time, not getting stopped for speeding thank the lord. I ran into the hospital, most likely forgetting to lock my car on the way. I sped into the lobby and tried to ask the receptionist what was happening.


“Hi… w-where’s Ni-Niall. W-what is…. Going… on…” I asked completely out of breath. The woman looked at me with concern and I waved it off trying to get her to answer my question. She gave me a wary look before she started to speak.


“He was going to be going into surgery, but when we went to start he had a reaction to the anesthesia and we had to post pone it. When the nurses went back to try a new one but he was gone. We can’t find him.” She explained. My jaw dropped. What does she mean he’s gone? He was in a freaking coma for god sake!


“What do you mean? He can’t just be gone! He couldn’t even move for god sake!” I shout. She looks at me with concern. She slowly got up and tried to calm me down.


“Sir you need to calm down. We are doing everything we can to find him. We do know a man and woman came in and visited him. We thought nothing of it though.” She said slowly. Who was it? Who would visit Niall besides Harry, Liam, Zayn and I? No one, that’s who. I racked my brain trying to think of anyone else. Then it hit me, like a giant sack of bricks to the head.




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