Speechless (Sequel to Breathless)

Niall and Liam are finally together, they finally can be the couple they want to be. They don't have to worry about Niall's insane uncle, or so they think. Little did they know someone very close to them is helping Niall's uncle. Will the boys see through their masks? Will Niall and Liam's love fail when Niall meets someone who seems to be better for him than Liam? Read and find out :)


21. Epilogue


-Liam’s POV-

Living with someone you know you love is one of the most challenging and amazing things you could ever do. Sure, we fought a lot. We had our ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean I want to drop everything I worked so hard to keep. When I first met David he was great, he and I have become such close friends. He is planning on proposing to his girlfriend this weekend. I have been thinking of doing the same, but I don’t know if Niall wants to have that commitment.

As I walk into the jewelry store with David I glance at some of the rings.

“Thinking of proposing yourself mate?” He asks with a wink. I laugh lightly.

“I don’t know, I’ve been thinking about it but I don’t know if Niall wants that.” I sigh.

“You’ll never know until you try right?” He asks I shrug and follow him around as he looks through the engagement rings. I can’t help but think about Niall and how he would act if I dropped down on one knee and proposed to him.

“Can I look at that one?” I ask the lady who is waiting for David to finish looking at the diamond ring he has in his hand.

“Sure.” She reaches down to a silver band.

“You can have it engraved if you’d like.” She smiles. I nod.

-Niall’s POV-

(1 month later)

Today has been the worst day of my life. Adam had be double booked for 3 lessons with 12 year olds today. I normally am happy to teach the little guys, but now when I am double booked and running from practice room to practice room. Then after my lessons he had me run to the store to buy more things for the shop. I am now on my way back with bags of things I didn’t even know I needed at the shop. I mean seriously do we need 6 bags of peas? I get the feeling Adam wanted me out of the shop for some reason. I sighed and walked down the street to the shop. When I got to the shop I noticed the open sign was off. That’s odd.

I walked to the front and pushed open the door. It was pitch black inside. I fumbled around trying to find a light switch but immediately stopped when a spot light turned on. I looked where it was shining and Liam was standing there in a tux. I smiled, he has always looked amazing in a tux.

Then someone started playing the piano softly in the back ground.

“Hey Ni.” Liam said smoothly. I smiled and walked to him placing the unimportant groceries on the floor.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked curiously. He smiled.

“Well I’ve been thinking.” He trails off. I chuckle and turn to look around, the whole shop is still dark. When I turn back around I find Liam on one knee before me.

“Liam what are you…” But I get cut off by him speaking.

“Niall, we’ve been together for a few years now. I have seen you at your best and your worst. You have seen me at my best and my worst. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before. I want to be able to love you for the rest of my life and any time after that if you’d let me. What I’m trying to say Niall is… Niall James Horan, will you marry me?” He asks pulling out a black velvet box from his front pocket. My mouth hangs open. A large grin breaks over my lips.

“Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” I squeal. He grins and stands up slipping the ring on my ring finger. I pull his neck down for a long loving kiss. I was almost so wrapped up in the moment I don’t hear the clapping. When I pulled away I looked around to see the entire store clapping for us. I blush deeply and look down at my shoes. I can’t believe this just happened.


-Harry’s POV-

(3 months later)

“Come on Lou, we’re going to be late!” I call down the hall to our bedroom. I hear something drop but nothing break, and Louis curse loudly. I hold back a chuckle and walk into his room finding him standing in front of the mirror looking lost and confused as he attempts to tie his tie.

“I’ll be done in a minute, I can’t tie my tie.” he huffs. I laugh and walk over to him reaching up and starting to work on his tie for him.

“I always forget you never learned to do this.” I joke. He rolls his eyes and huffs.

“Rub it in some more then Styles.” He playfully jokes. I laugh and pat his chest when I’m through. He looks down and examines his tie shortly.

“There you are. And I took your name remember Boo?” I kiss his nose. He blushes at the pet name I always call him.

“Oh yea, Mr. Tomlinson.” He purrs. I clear my throat roughly.

“None of that.” I snap. He laughs and kisses my cheek before pulling me out of the room and to the car. We have to drive down to the beach to get to the wedding. Niall and Liam have spent a few months planning this with the help of Giulia and her friend who’s a wedding planner. They have had fun planning this. I know the weddings going to be great.


“When’s it start?” Louis whines. I roll my eyes and look at my watch.

“5 Minutes love.” I whisper. He nods and sighs fiddling with his tux as he waits. He has never been a patient one. Almost 5 minutes later the band starts up the wedding march and Niall starts his way down the aisle towards Liam at the altar. Niall looks so happy, he can’t stop smiling. Liam looks the same. I can’t help but get a little choked up when the minister starts speaking the vows.

“Do you, Liam James Payne. Take Niall Horan to be your lawful wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to death do you part?”

“I do” Liam states happily. Niall grins wider, if that’s even possible.

“And do you, Niall James Horan. Take Liam Payne to be your lawful wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to death do you part?”

“I do, of course I do” Niall says a tear falls down his pale cheek. Liam smiles.

“Then I pronounce you Mr. and Mr. Payne. You may kiss your husband!” The minister cheers. Liam ducks down and they attach at the lips. Niall wraps his arms around Liam’s neck and when they break away they don’t lose eye contact. The two newlyweds make their way back down the aisle and to the front doors. We all follow them. People are waiting above them as they walk outside and throw rice over them. Everything is so beautiful.

“That was fun” Louis smiles as Niall and Liam get into their limo.

“Yea, it was” I smile. Louis moves closer to me and goes on his tip toes so he can peck my lips.

“I love you.” He smiles.

“I love you too” then Niall and Liam drove off to start their new lives together.


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