going INZAYN

Dylan is 18 and already has an important job. she is a bodyguard to some of the biggest stars. but when she gets assigned to watch over 1D house since someone broke into their beach house . when she meets the guys they drive her insane. but one of them stands out from the other guys . he's sweet, he's kind , he's shy , but most of all he's well Zayn. she starts falling for him but she's not sure he is for her. will things work out with between them ? will the guy's ruin her chance ? but most of all will she go INZAYN for him? read to find out.


1. oh great :|

I wake up to the most annoying sound of my alarm clock. I look at the time 5:30 AM. I slam my hand on the button and it turns off. I took a shower and put my long, curly, blonde hair in a braid. I brushed my teeth and through on a tank top and jean shorts. I ran out of the house and got in my car. When i got to work I went to mark AKA my boss. I opened the door to his office and sat on the corner of his desk.

"Hello this month you will be guarding one direction's house because their has been a a threat that some is going to hurt them. so i need you to stay at their house this month and yes they will be there." he said and glared at me for sitting on his desk.

I stood up and put my hands behind my hands behind my back innocently.

" yes sir" i said and he handed me a folder.

I walked out and looked through the folder and found the address. I found the address. Boy this is a huge house. No one was home. I stood by the door. I guess I fell asleep because when i opened my eyes. I saw a guy poking my leg. He had shaggy brown hair and weird colour eyes. 

"do you mind?" i said annoyed. He went to go past me but i pushed him to the ground and pinned him there with my legs. "hey!" he yelled.

"I need some ID or I can't let you in." I smirked and  took out my list.

"Louis Tomlinson" he said mumbled and pulled out his drivers license. "Yup right here on my list your free to go in Mr. Tomlinson " i said with a smirk.

he glared at me and walked in . i sat on the ground. 5 guys to live with hmm not my perfect dream house but what you going to do it my job.

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