going INZAYN

Dylan is 18 and already has an important job. she is a bodyguard to some of the biggest stars. but when she gets assigned to watch over 1D house since someone broke into their beach house . when she meets the guys they drive her insane. but one of them stands out from the other guys . he's sweet, he's kind , he's shy , but most of all he's well Zayn. she starts falling for him but she's not sure he is for her. will things work out with between them ? will the guy's ruin her chance ? but most of all will she go INZAYN for him? read to find out.


4. oh great -_-

Dylan's POV

I woke up and looked at the clock. I nearly choked when I seen it was 12:30 AM. I got up put sweats and a t- shirt on. I ran out of the door and down the stairs.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty!" Louis called from the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and walked out the front door. Of course Liana was asleep. I kicked her awake. 

"Ow, okay, ow. That hurts. Okay, ow." she said and slapped my leg.

 She walked inside. We don't have to stand guard all the time just now and then. I followed her inside. I grabbed an orange and ate. when I was done I threw the peel away and sat on the couch with Louis.

"So, why do you get so angry when I tease you?" he questioned me.

"Well for 1, i'm not the funny type of girl, and 2, fix your hair" I say and laugh at his messy hair.

He combed it out of his face and laughed. 

"Well, you need to lighten up." he said then stood up and walked out.

Man that guy knows how to make me mad. I sat there and looked around the big living room. this house was huge.   

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