going INZAYN

Dylan is 18 and already has an important job. she is a bodyguard to some of the biggest stars. but when she gets assigned to watch over 1D house since someone broke into their beach house . when she meets the guys they drive her insane. but one of them stands out from the other guys . he's sweet, he's kind , he's shy , but most of all he's well Zayn. she starts falling for him but she's not sure he is for her. will things work out with between them ? will the guy's ruin her chance ? but most of all will she go INZAYN for him? read to find out.


3. great

liana's POV

I woke up to a call from mark. I answered it.

M: you need to go with Dylan to one direction's house the folder will have everything you need.

With that he hung up. I got up and brushed my teeth and got dressed. I threw my black hair into a pony tail. I jumped into the car and drove to work. I went to my mail box and grabbed the folder. I found the address. I went home and packed a suitcase. I drove to the house and seen Dylan asleep on the front porch. I got out of my car and shook her awake.

"Uh what?!" she said suddenly alert.

I laughed and walked around her and walked into the house. The guys were on a couch.

" hi" they said and one with brown curly hair stood up and helped me find my room.

"Here is your room" he said and placed my bags on the bed.

I walked outside and me and Dylan switched places.

Dylan's POV

I walked into the house and Harry helped me find my room. Then I walked outside and got in my car I drove to my house and packed my bags. Then drove back to the house. I grabbed my bags and took them to my room. Then went into the kitchen and grabbed the plate Niall made for me. When I was done eating I went and sat on the floor in front of the couch. They were watching the news. I went to bed really late cause I slept all day.


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