going INZAYN

Dylan is 18 and already has an important job. she is a bodyguard to some of the biggest stars. but when she gets assigned to watch over 1D house since someone broke into their beach house . when she meets the guys they drive her insane. but one of them stands out from the other guys . he's sweet, he's kind , he's shy , but most of all he's well Zayn. she starts falling for him but she's not sure he is for her. will things work out with between them ? will the guy's ruin her chance ? but most of all will she go INZAYN for him? read to find out.


2. full of there selfs

I sat there drifting into sleep, until a car came into the drive way I quickly stood up.

"Sleeping on the job isn't going to work beautiful." I heard Louis yell from the window.

"Please shut up, Louis!" I yelled.

4 guys walked up to me. "Ahh, I see you've met Louis." a guy with blonde hair said.

"names, and ID if you want in." I said and took out my list.

They each went in after I made sure they weren't here to break in. I sat down again. 4 hours latter Niall came out.

"Umm, we made dinner if you want to come in and eat" he said shyly .

"Umm, no i'm still on my shift but ill come in 3 hours when my partner Liana comes " I said.

He went inside. Liana has been my best friend since 2nd grade. We decided to get a job as a bodyguards 3 years ago when I punched a guy in the face and knocked him out when he was trying to rob mark my boss. Liana is the best . I looked at my watch its 10:35 PM. I yawned I seen a couple of kids walk by. man when I was a kid I went on walks in the park every day with Liana.



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