One Love

josie has to live with one direction for a year while her dad is away on a trip but thing go wrong


1. Beginning

      "Jo Jo please don't jump" Liam said "why should I even bother to live no one loves me" Josie yelled. Maybe i should start from the beginning.

              Hi my name is Josie i have brown hair and and green eyes i'm 13 and by the way i have a boyfriend his name is ryan we are both are straight A student in school but at home him and i are crazy.

       " Josie i'm leaving your sitters will be here in ten minuets"my dad yelled from the front door. i bolted down the stairs to give him one last hug before he left ill miss him he is going to be gone for a year. (10 minutes later) There was a knock on the door i got off the couch and oped the door and i look up there stood in front of me is one direction. "hi what are you doing here" i asked "where here to watch you for the whole year!" said louis

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