Poetic Ability

It is most of my poems, most are life experencies. Right now I got writers block so I am not writing a story.. This is my first Movella so please... no hating!


15. *Author's Note*

Okay.. in chapter 12 I used my username at the end because I didn't want you to know my real name :/


This is my first movella so please, helpful tips but no hating.


I have writer's block that is why I am not writing an actual story..


In chapter 7 neither I nor my friends are homeless. My church pastor told us a story about a homeless man he saw, so it gave me inspiration.


I wrote a lot of these poems for friends, but some also for myself. We are all happy and joyful now, to prove it here are some  poems we wrote together.. (they are crazy and silly) . They will be in the next chapter. We were probaby 11? They are short.

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