Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


9. Chapter 9

"C'mon. Let's head back. It's getting cold." I slowly began to stand up before a huge hand grasp onto my fragile hands. "No. Stay." Harry stares at me with pleading eyes and stuck his bottom lips out, pouting like a puppy. I smile as I roll my eyes, "Fine." Sitting down, Harry wraps his arms around me and had me laid down on him. "Stay here for the night. With me." He hums those words in my ear; my heart fluttering from it. His voice was still deep and husky. I felt his hot breath breathing onto my neck - resulting little hairs sticking up from it. Then his wet lips were moving around on my bare neck. No kissing or sucking but leaving a trail of wetness around my neck. "H-Harry." It was pleasing me .... a lot. He goes down to my neck but not close enough to my breast. There he began to kiss. 

His pure, red lips was softly on my soft spot causing a little moan to escape my lips. "Harry..." The air quickly became hot as he started to roughly kiss my neck. Then, he began sucking. Everything just got intense in a matter of seconds. 

I didn't want it to stop... Everything felt right ... Before he gets the chance to slip my shirt off of me, I pull him back. He looks at me in dismay and ask, "What's wrong?" Confusion ran through his face as he props up, his elbow supporting. "It's just that... you're hurt ... Your right arm and left leg are still injured and I don't think we should have sex already ... Especially out here..." My voice trails off as I look away from Harry, not daring to make eye contact. He grabs my chin and slowly turn it to face him, "One thing for sure is that my left leg is getting better already. Second thing is that my arm will be fine; don't worry. And third thing is that I want to make love to you, not have sex. There's a difference between sex and making love." He leans in but doesn't make the move instead he looks deeply into my eyes, he smiles forming a dimple but not deep enough. He stares at my lips, then my eyes, and then back to my lips. Our faces were so close up to each other, the only thing I am paying attention to is his face. He absorbs all of my face features as I absorb his. His mouth slowly began to move around as he says something I've been dying to hear in his husky voice. He whispers, "I love you Kayle. With all of my desiring heart." There he leans in for the kiss. Our lips dance together rhythmically and couldn't contain ourselves but to smile in between our kiss. As we finally let go, our forehead rested on each other. Our noses rubbing back and forth. And for that moment on I whisper, "And I love you too Harry. With all of my passionate heart."


Harry's POV:

The sun was shining brightly onto us, birds were chirping around us and the sound of rushing water on the lake filled the air. I look down to see Kayle nestled into my arms. Her arms were wrap around me, therefore not allowing me to get up. Little snores escaped her lips making herself even more adorable than I could ever imagine. I want to remember this moment forever and all of those moments me and her both shared. I don't want to dare remember all the things that I have hurt her. The thing that gets my head running with questions is why does she always stay by my side when I mistreated her, having her heart feel torn into pieces?

Movement was made from Kayle as her eyes flutter wide open. I look down to her and smiled, "Good morning beautiful." She looks up, her eyes still drowsy "Hey." She smiles and slowly peck a kiss on my cheek. She got up and gave me a hand to stand up. "Better?" My arm was wrap around her for support but also because I enjoy the company of her in my arms. 

"Yeah, a lot better." I smile and began to limp inside the hotel, to my room.

"Bet the nurses and doctors are looking all over for you." She lets out a small smirk and continue to walk towards the hospital entrance way. 

"Oh well. I'm sure they knew where I am. There are a bunch of younger nurses following me around. Plus there are cameras everywhere. Literally everywhere. Including the bathrooms." But then again I thought I've over exaggerated with the cameras. 

"C'mon, let's get you into a wheel chair so it can be easier for me." She found a wheel chair close to us and help me on it. 

Kayle's POV:

Letting out a sigh of relief, I began to stroll Harry to his room. By the time we got there, a bunch of panicking nurses were piled up around Harry's room. "Um, excuse me but what is going on?" They turn around to have a surprise look. "Omg! There you are Harry. Where were you? " he looks up to me and smile widely, "I was with her." Without a warning, he grabs both of my hands, dragging me down and having my arms wrap around him. "Oh ... Well the doctors are looking for you. We'll go inform them right now." They all left with sad faces and allow us to go in without any trouble. "What was that all about?" I look at Harry still smiling, "Just wanted to let them know that you are mine and I am yours." My cheeks were getting fuzzy and my stomach began to kick in with the butterflies. The door burst open and the doctors came rushing in, "Harry! Where were you boy?" One of them ask while others were gasping for air. "I erm, was out strolling around in the garden with her." Harry explains. Then another doctor spoke, "How are your memories doing?"


The doctors begin to shoot Harry with questions and in return, Harry gave them answers that they hope to hear. "Well. I know this seems early but you are ready to leave. Normally it'd take awhile for the injuries to heal up but your injures had been healing tremendously. And I am positively sure that your memories will be regain back. We'll return to tell you when you are ready to be released." Soon all of them left at once. With a quick breath I say, "Be right back." And left Harry in confusion. I manage to catch up to one of Harry's doctor.


"Hey doctor! Can I ask you something?" He tums around and a hum was made from him. "Okay so I've been helping Harry out with regaining his memories back by first telling about him and his friends. The thing is, I haven't told him about me. Just my name. And on that very day, he remembers me quickly. How was that possible doc?" I look at him with confusion. His face brightens like if a light bulb went off, "Forgot I had to show you something!" He drags me by the hand and into the brain scanner room. We sat down in a room full of controls and screens. "You see, here is where he keeps his memories. His fun memories." He points out on a certain area. "Here, you contains his family memories and here is his education memories." He continues to inform, "And here is what caught be my surprise." He points an area that doesn't look like the other areas he had shown me. "Here is his love memory and for some reason, his brain didn't forget that...." He looks at me and smile, "That young man loves you too much to be forgotten."


The doctor came in to give us Harry's prescription and told us it was time to go. "Let's go, the taxi is waiting for us outside." I stroll Harry out to the taxi and went off to the boy's tour bus. 


The boys exploded with excitement and yell, "WELCOME BACK!! WE HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!" Me and Harry stare at each other with surprisement and slowly stroll towards them. Louis came up to us, "Do you remember us yet?" Harry nods slightly but at the same time there was confusion on his face. The kids came towards us, jumping up and down with glee. "Look look!" More confusion ran over each others' faces and look up to see someone I have recgonized in the media but had never met before.


It was Cher Llyod. 



A/N: So as the chapters go by, I'll need a babysitter for the little twins :3 so I am asking one of my fellow readers if you want to be their babysitter. But I am only picking about one or two. Then there is a special opening to be Kayle's new best friend. Since after all, her other best friend is in the U.S. raising her own family so there isn't much for her to be added :/ I'm only picking one :D! I'll need to know your name, hobbies, personality, and what position you want. Thanks for reading. Be sure to share, comment, favorite, and like it.xx Announcing the winner when it is time to introduce the new characters :)xx good luck my darlings.



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