Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


5. Chapter 5

My head started shaking and my fingers started trembling. No, it can't be Harry. That's impossible. "We have to go to Harry, now." Fear was the only word that was in my head and I'm pretty sure fear is all around us. How can this possibly be? Out of all the people, it had to be Harry. "K- Kayle...?" I wasn't sure whether I'm sad or mad. It was all mixed in together as one huge emotion mess. I felt like my heart collapsed and failed to keep me alive from seeing who that was. "Drive." I mumbled. "Repeat that again?" Zayn ask reassuringly. "Drive. The. Damn. Car." I said through gritted teeth. Never have I been like this to Zayn. Zayn was like a brother to me. We'll be there through thick and thin and even though we argue like siblings, we end up making it up and forgetting about it. But now, I don't know what overcame me. The monster that was buried inside of me has finally been released.




We all ran to the hospitals at the same time while Paul stayed back with the kids. "We like to see Harry Styles." Louis panted for air as he tries to speak. "Sorry, no fans allowed." The boys stare at her in confusion, "What? We're not fans. We're in the band One Direction." The lady in the front desk rolls her eyes and hinting attitude in her voice, "Mhm sure. Get out." I felt like a fire was burnt in my eyes and a fuel was lit up in my stomach, "Listen lady, I'm Kayle Styles and I want to see my fiance. So you better allow us to go in and see him, especially me." Her eyes were terrorized and finally let us go in. As we were running, everybody patted me in the back "Good job Kay's. Never knew you had a monster inside of you." I smirkingly smiled and kept running to Harry's room. We got to a white room that had a light on. "He's still in surgery ..." we all sat in despair and pray everything went alright. 


3 hours later and yet the light is still on. Everybody left except me and Niall. "So... Kayle." he criss cross his arms and stare hard at the ground. ".... Why Niall. Why did you had to say that back there when we're in the concert?" Jealousy lit up in his eyes, "I was jealous okay. What if, back then, me and you were together? And made love to each other and end up proposing to you. And like today, I would have sang to you and our kids. Don't you think Harry would have done what I did to him?" As everything was quiet, I thought about what he said. Maybe he was right but I remember what Louis had said to me in the storage room. "No." I saw Niall look up with his oceanic eyes, "What?" "No, Harry wouldn't do that. Harry would have got over it and forget about it. Both of you guys are different so don't start comparing." He stayed silent and soon, fell asleep. My eye lids were getting heavy and my head kept on spinning. Must. Stay. Awake. Soon later, the light went off and out came the doctors and Harry. Everything lit up my eyes and gave me energy to stand up. "How did it go doctor? Will he be okay? Is he alright?" So many questions burst in my head like a time bomb. "Relax. Relax. Are you a friend of Harry's?" I quickly nodded, "Yes, wife actually." "Well Mrs. Styles, everything is okay. The surgery went perfectly fine but he has a broken arm and leg." I smile slightly, "Well thats no problem, it'll heal so-" the doctor's voice errupted and continued speaking, "But he also has a mild concussion so he lost a lot of his memory. Please do whatever it takes to bring his memories back. Thats one of the things a doctor can't cure; memory. Thats your job so we'll leave you in his hands with bringing his memories back." my world was torn apart slowly. Harry lost his memory so he forgot about him being in One Direciton, his friends, his family, me, his kids, everything. "Wait doctor! Is it okay if I stay with him for the night?" he smiles brightly and agreed. 




I can't believe Harry lost his memories. All the memories thrown away like that and it'll probably be permanent. My phone lit up and start vibrating crazy. Looking over, I saw it was a call from Liam. I slowly pressed the call button and silently talk,




"Hey Kayle, how's Harry? Is he okay?" Liam started throwing these questions at me, a commotion was made on the other side of the phone call. "Shh, Liam. Harry is sleeping..." I look over my shoulder to see a beautiful, curly angel sleeping; silent snores creep out of his red, pure lips. "... Anyways, the doctor said the surgery went great. The only problem is... he lost his memories." Silent broke out, even the commotion ended. "Hello? Can she hear me? Where are you, Kayle? Where is Niall?" Louis asked. "I'm with Harry. I'll be by his side for the night and probably the rest of the night. Niall is sleeping here too on the extra bed." A sigh of relief came out on the other side. "Alright, making sure. Be safe. We'll see you tomorrow. You want the kids to come?" I silently whispered 'yes' as Harry kept moving around, moaning in his deep, raspy voice. "Kayle, we'll do whatever it takes to bring Harry's memories back. I promi-" his voice was irrupted by my voice,




"No what?" Louis asks in unsurement.


"Stop promising it. You'll keep my hopes up and I am tired of being the one who sits back and watch you guys do the job. I'm bringing the memories back and you guys will help me when I ask you to." 


A/N: ohmygosh ty so much :D ! You guys are the best. I just love waking up to see the number of favorites, views, comments, and likes increase. I especially love it when you guys comment. I'm sorry for a terrible chapter >.< I ran out of ideas atm. I know it isn't 20 likes but I want to update so badly. Adios and ty<3 xx

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