Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


2. Chapter 2

This was the night I will never forget. 

*The next day*

"Hey Kayle, how was Disney?" Niall smile at me. His smile was convincing but his eyes are never happy. "It was great! There were so many rides! Omg, one day I want to take you there!" He chuckles slightly and gave me a slap on the back. "Good for you." Just then Louis pop out of no where, shirtless and just a towel around him. "Louis! Put on some damn clothes!" I giggle while covering my eyes. He proudly walks over to me and screamed, "NEVER." 

Moments later, he return with clothes on and sat next to me. "Where are the kids?" "With Liam, watching toy story AGAIN." "Where's Harry?" "He has boxing practice." I felt a smirk appear on his face. "So how are you two?" I shyly giggle, "We're doing good. In fact, we are properly engaged." I flash out my ring to be admire and 
saw Louis awing. "Wow! That is one expensive engagement ring!" I nod my head viciously and stare at the ring, adoring it admirably. I can't believe me and Harry are finally engaged.

I walk outside the tour bus to see Harry talking to his coach until he saw a glimpse of me. He lost his eye contact with his coach and now his green eyes were drawn to me. He continues to pant for some air but had a smirk on his face. "Harry! Are you even listening to me? LOOK. AT. ME." The coaches' voice was rising and had a very serious face on. "Sorry. I couldn't help staring at an Angel." With that, he gave me a wink and left to focus with his coach.


"Hey guys, I heard there is this really great restaurant here in Florida. Wanna go?" suggested Liam. We exchanged each other glances and exactly knew what we were thinking of.

"Wow this food is really good. You have to try some Zayn." Before Zayn gets to agree the offer, Louis had already stuffed the food in Zayn's mouth. We all laugh after Zayn giving a thumbs up and trying so hard to swallow the enormous amount of food Louis had stuffed. "Here babe, try some." I smile genuinely but before I get the chance to put the food in his mouth, he took a grab of his food and wrap his arms around mine. Like when the groom and bride are feeding each other the cake. Having a surprise look, my face tighten from the enormous smile that had appear on my face and fed each other sweetly. "So Harry and Kayle. Is there anything you want to tell us?" Louis smirk. Confusion ran across my face and my eyes were staring at him hard until it hit me. "Oh yeah that's right. Well me and Kayle are finally engaged." Harry looks at me and gave me a kiss but not an ordinary kiss- A kiss from heaven. Everybody clapped and congratulated us, even the kids but for some reason, Niall still had that same sorrow eyes when he congratulated us with a big smile. 


Everybody was fast asleep except for me. I don't know why I couldn't go to sleep. Maybe from the wine I drank? No impossible. Or maybe the look of Niall's eyes. His eyes were purely sad. It had nothing but sadness and bitterness. His eyes were like the ocean but darker and emptier and the sea is made up of salty tears that he drowns into. Climbing up to the balcony, I spotted a figure sitting down while strumming quietly on his guitar. "Niall?" I whisper in a unsure voice and saw the figure turn around. "Niall! Why aren't you sleeping?" "I would ask the same thing about you." He murmured, still continuing to play his guitar. "Mind if I sit with you?" He nods his head without looking at me and stare hard at his shoes. 

The awkward tension was slowly rising and I couldn't break the awkwardness. What to do, what to do!? But then a sweet, innocent voice was said, "So, you and Harry are finally engaged huh?" He talks but didn't make eye contact with me. "Yeah I guess.." I fiddle with my fingers and look at my lap. Just then I felt a rough and sudden grab on my shoulders. With a surprise look, I saw the bitter tears rolling down his red cheeks. "You guess? You guess?? What do you mean 'I guess'. There is a ring on your left, marriage finger and was given by Harry Styles. There is no 'I guess'. It is either a yes or a no." My throat was burning and I felt tears filling up. I don't understand why Niall is yelling at me. What did I ever do to him? "Niall, why are you yelling at me?" My voice was shaky and uneven from pleading. He lets out a sigh, "Why him, Kayle? Why him? Why can't it be me?" His empty eyes stares at mine and those bitter tears are still rolling down his cheek. His words echo's in my head and not even realizing if, I was crying too. "I- I don't know Niall. Good night." I quickly ran off, leaving Niall heart broken and empty. 

Walking to my room, I saw Harry standing by the door way and ask, "Kayle, where were you? Wait, why are you crying?" I quickly rush over to his arms and cried even harder. He wrap his arms tightly around me and carry me to bed. I continue to cry in his arms, causing a huge wet stain on his shirt. He stroke my hair while humming a tune that lightens my ears. Once I had finally cooled off, Harry quietly whisper, "What happened?" I couldn't make out my words and let out a sigh. He nods, signaling me that he understands if I don't want to talk about. "Whatever it was, always remember I'll be your shoulder to cry on. I'll do whatever it takes to see that beautiful smile of yours that I had fallen in love with it." my muscle relax and my cries had stop from hearing those words. "I love you Harry." I mumbled and in return, I heard a raspy voice saying, "And I love you too my precious."



Hehe I hope you guys are enjoying the sequel to Revealed! ^ - ^ Everybody who already read Revealed and is now reading this, I love you and I am sorry for the broken promises. 

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