Faith (Sequel to Revealed)

"So who is it going to be? Me or Niall?" Harry growls, demanding for an answer. One pair of dark, emerald eyes were staring at me while one pair of deep, ocean color eyes were staring at me too. My palms were sweating and my heart started to thud rapidly. "I choose..."


11. Chapter 11

Our body shook up and down as the bus was driving on the bumpy road. Edward and Darcy was fast asleep in the rooms, Nialls' fingers were strumming slowly on the strings, Louis and Liam were fooling around, and Harry and Cher was joking around with each other. While I, painted my nails. I saw a broad shoulder shadow walking by me. "Hey Kayle, you seem so gloomy lately. I sense the sad vibes." Louis sat by me and fiddle with his fingers. "I'm fine, don't worry about me." The nail brush slowly goes down but with shaky hands, the brush steers a different way and made a small mark on my finger. "You're crying Kayle." I sniffle quietly and quickly rub the tears off. "I'm sorry. I've been emotional lately, I don't know why." I mumble and continue to paint my nails but it seems like if the paint is being paint on my skin rather than my nails. My fingers tremble and my throat was starting to burn. Louis grasp onto my hands and drag me into one of the rooms. 


"Tell me, what's wrong Kayle?" Louis looks at me with stern eyes, his forehead crease. His eyes were nothing but curiosity. "I... I miss Harry." I stuttered onto my words as my throat slowly began to feel the burn even more. I look down at my feet and grab my shirt tightly, feeling unease. Louis slowly grabs my chin up and stares deeply into my eyes.


"Harry still loves you... for sure. Cher is just his childhood best friend." 


"I know but I feel like she's deeply in love with her." 


"I don't think she is. Plus she knows you and Harry are really together. She doesn't have a cruel heart."


"... How are you and Eleanor together?"


His face widens with a huge smile on his face. His eyes seems so happy. "Because I love her. I trust her too and I try my best to stay in contact with her. That's the key in relationships." Shiver ran through my body as he say those words. I just want to cry. Cry and break down without anyone going up to me and ask me if I am alright. Of course I'm not. Why else am I crying into the pillows or bed sheets, leaving bitter tear stains on the pillows the next morning? "But I don't think me and Harry talk a lot like how we used to. Ever since the accident, everything seems to vanish into thin air." I mumble, my voice not audible enough to be heard. "Listen Kayle, just remember this and this will always be glue to the back of your brain; he'll always love you forever and ever." His eyes twinkle under the dim light that was only shining in the room. "Thanks Louis. You're the best brother anyone could ever have." I come close to make skin contact him as we embrace into a hug. A warm hug that fills up in my body. My shiver stops and my throat is no longer burning. The tear stains were still there and so were the redness in my eyes but the tears were no longer drowning. "Anytime little sis." I giggle and punch him on the shoulder slightly. "I'm not little anymore! I'm 19!" He punch me back and chuckles, "But you'll always be my little sister no matter how old you get." He smiles widely and left the room, leaving me in the puddle of thoughts. 




"Hey, where have you been?" Harry smiles, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "Sorry, I enjoy staring at the stars." I walk my way to the bed while his large hands were still placed on my waist. "I miss you today.." He whispers in my ear, his voice so raspy and seducing. "I was just a person in the background of a picture..." I mutter, hoping he didn't catch it - Too bad he did. "What?" He pulls away and turns me around to make eye contact with me. "Nothing, forget what I said. I'm tired Harry." I could already feel the tears started to build, slowly. "No, I won't forget it. Repeat what you just said." He emphasizes each other in a growling kind of way. "It is nothing. Forget it Harry." My face hardens and a single tear trickle down my cheeks. "No, no. I want to know what you said. I won't let you sleep till you tell me." With courage, my wrist was released from Harry's grasp and stomp my way to the door but he took a hold of me again, stopping me mid way to the door. "Jee, why would you want to know huh? Don't you have Cher? Your best friend? Or is she your girlfriend?" I blurt out the words but I didn't mean to blurt out the last question. "What? Is this what it was all about?" His eyes widen and I could see his emerald orbs shinning under the moonlight. "Not exac-" My words were interrupted by the smashing of Harry's lip. He kiss me with force, no sense of passion or sensitivity. "Now do you believe me that I love you?" He looks at me with despair  and his red, pure lips trembling. "... I'm sorry. I don't..." With anger, Harry innocent face was no longer there. "Why are you so jealous Kayle! Cher is my BEST FRIEND. She knows very well that me and you are together. I don't think she will ever do that to my fiancé."


A fuel of anger lit up inside of me, "What are you talking about?! Have you noticed the flirt moves she pulls on you! I know I have, from 5 fucking miles away! Are you that clueless Harry? Have you never seen a girl throw themselves at you or pulls move to catch your attention?" 


"Yeah, I actually have. But I had never thought Cher that way!" 


"Well maybe if you did, you would have noticed that she likes you, you dumbass!" I didn't want to cry, but I had to. I want to. But these aren't sad tears, they were anger tears.


"Don't start cussing especially when OUR kids can hear us!" 


"I wouldn't be cussing if we didn't get into this stupid fight!" 


"This fight wouldn't have started if you didn't act like a little child, getting jealous over something that is not logical. Obviously I love you! Why would I love Cher?"


"You know what? Sometimes I feel like me and you aren't supposed to be together. I feel like someone else I know should have been my future husband." The moment I said that, silence filled the air and the door burst open with Darcy rubbing her eyes. She mumbles, "Mwommy, what is wong?" My arms were open for her as she went in and rest her head on my shoulder, "Nothing happened sweetie. Just go to sleep." Harry came closer to me, "I'll take it from here..." We didn't dare to make eye contact and just like that, he took Darcy out of my arms and took her to our bed. I laid at the end of the bed, listening to Harry's hum. His hum's are irresistible. They're like spells which goes into your ears and hypnotize you to do things for him or sleep. I was cold, shivering. My feet was completely numb. The blankets were completely taken by Harry and Darcy. 'Hogger's' I thought to myself and instantly, I fell asleep.




The next morning, everything seems to be too quiet. I woken up to see no sign of Darcy next to me but the shape of her figure on the bed sheets. So was Harry's. I felt something warm on top of my body and came to realize, it was a jacket. Harry's favorite jacket. I bring it up to my face and took in the smell of his jacket. It smelled exactly like his. So warming, soft, but heavy. I look over on my nightstand to see a small note, "Meet me @ the dock @ 3 P.M. -H. Styles aka your fiancé." I roll my eyes, a small smile seems to be made on my face. I look down at my pillow to see the tears were still there and then I look at the clock that said 1 P.M. A time bomb went off inside of me and made me do things a lot quicker than I usually do.


A floral dress with a jean jacket over me, creamy color flats, curly locks and light makeup on. Not to mention my favorite bag. "Where yew going?" Edward walks in, dressed EXACTLY like Louis. I laugh and kneel down to him, "Why are you dressed exactly like your uncle?" He smiles brightly and laugh, "Because he forced me to! We're going to the fair today!!" Edward jumps up and down and then Darcy comes in joining Edward. "Alright, well I'm going to meet up with daddy. I'll see you guys tonight. Movie tonight?" They scream ever louder, waking almost everybody in the bus.




I was a lost puppy. I didn't know where Harry was. It an open ocean with boats and docks everywhere but not a single curly person in sight. After constantly looking for him, I've finally found him standing by a yacht. "What..?" Confusion fell onto my face. He smiles cheekily, "All aboard the Harry boat!"



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