dear diary

when clover is adopted by a hyperactive family she is not too sure how to take it, when she starts a diary to keep her sane, she doesn't need her family, she just wishes that everyone would leave her alone


6. hurt, phisically and emotionally

i wake up drenched in sweat and someone banging on my door

"clover, are you all right" i hear cody's voice say in panic mode

"yeah im fine" i get up and walk over to the door

"oh my god i heard you screaming, is everything ok" he hugs me and alex runs in confused and alert

"yeah, it was just a nightmare, but i haven't had one in years" i say, alex stands next to me, and i wonder if t was a dream cause i feel a pain in my left shoulder, i don't say anything yet though

"well, try to go back to sleep, you need it" alex says putting his hand on my hurt shoulder, i nod, hiding back the pain

"i will, you guys need it too" i say pushing them out

"ok, stop pushing" alex says laughing

"too bad" i close the door and pull down my shirt to look at my shoulder, there is a dent in the shin like i was shot there, it looks freshly healed too, which is weird, because, wait, was it just a dream

i push the thought away and get back in bed, a few hours later i wake up thirsty, i start to walk down the hall to the kitchen when i hear alex crying in his room

"alex" i knock on the door and open it

"no, don't come in" he says panicked, i walk in anyway and see him sitting on the floor leaning against the end of his bed, knife in hand, and blood all over his wrists

"alex, what did you do" i close the door and run over to him and grab the knife out of his hands

"im sorry, im just having problems" he says and puts his face in his hands, i sit down next to him and put an arm around his waist

"hey, calm down" i say starting to cry watching him

"i cant" he looks up at me, his eyes red and watering

"well figure it out youre making me cry watching you" i say playfully wiping away my tears

"haha, im sorry" he says again, this time smiling a little

"its ok, and when you said you are having problems, what did you mean" i ask carefully, he looks at the floor, then to his wrists

"a few days ago, some guys at school started calling me names, pretty much everything you could think of and beyond, and hit me, kicked me..." he stops and wipes away fresh tears

"aww, im sorry, i've had that happen to me too" i embrace him in a hug, he hugs me back and cries into my shoulder, his naked torso warm in my arms, he cries for minutes, but i don't mind, his hand on the back of my head, holding me there

"why did you stop by, why not ignore me" he says, not separating

"because i care for you, your my friend, and i treat friends as i would myself" he pulls me tighter and kyle walks in awake and worried

"alex, why.." he stops and covers his mouth with his hand, alex pulls away from me and puts his hands behind his back

"Cody, don't you dare tell nick" alex says, cody jumps when nick comes up behind him

"don't tell me what" he looks over at alex and me and pushes cody out of the way while he walks in

"nick, its not what it looks like" i stand up and say defensively

"don't talk to me like that" he pushes me hard and i fall to the ground

"she didn't say anything" cody runs to me

"alex, whats going on" he pulls on alex's arms and sees the cut marks

"nick, please" alex begs before nick stands up and starts kicking him really hard

"stop it" i scream and push nick away from alex, i stand in front of him

"you, get away from my brother" nick walks over to us, i stand my ground

"why, and let you do this to him" i say surprised and point to alex on the ground in pain, crying

"im teaching him a lesson" he pushes me back by my neck, i fall just in front of alex and nick kicks me hard

"nick stop, leave, please, i don't like this" cody says, he starts to walk past him, but i wrap my arms around his legs and he falls forward

"you little" he kicks my shoulder and i scream in pain

"clove" alex says putting his arm over me, turning me to him

"im ok, what about cody" we both look at cody, pushing nick out of the room and closing the door

"you guys ok" he says walking over to us

"yeah" alex and i say at the same time

"good, alex, why did you do that"

"my friends are total jerks, ok" he says and buries his face in the back of my tank top and wraps his arms around my waist, i put my arm on his, he tightens his grip as he starts crying again

"its gonna be ok alex" i say and cody wraps his arms around both of us, this moment feels perfect

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