just a normal day

Olivia and her friends Brittney and Nichole are driving down the road when they hear a contest on the radio and decide to try and win what is the contest and what will they have to do to win and what well they win why don't you read and find out ...


2. chapter 2


 Olivia's pov 

" ok olivia here is you first question " liam said im guessing it was his question "what is my birthday" liam asked and the rest of the boys where tektok noises " it august 29, 1993  " i yelled " ding ding ding " zayn yelled " wow you knew the year too " liam said laughing "ok zayn what is you question for olivia " louis screamed " ok olivia how are you today " " im good how are you " i asked laughing " good but that wasn't my question tho my question is what is my fav color " " its red " i said and my friends are laughing in the background " ding ding ding " i hear once again "very good" zayn said  "  i hear you friends laughing in the back " louis yelled out of no where and made everyone laugh " louis is you turn " liam says " ahaha umm what to ask well lets see witch one is false  niall loves food , i love carets , zayn likes to look at him self in the mirror , harry likes cats , liams the daddy of the group" louis says real quick " none of them is false the are all true " i say really fast " yaayayayay" zayn sreams " that that was right how dare you " louis says in is kinda crazy host voise " my turn my turn " niall yells " yes niall it is your turn if you get niall   question right you win " the host says "olivia are you ready " niall says " yeahh i am" "ok what is one of louis amazing dances " niall saysnin his cute Irish voice and before i could say anything louis speaks " you think my dances are amazying " niall and everyone laughs even me and my friends " yeahh i do louis " " ok let her speak " louis yells "theres the one where he stops the traffic  and lets the people through and the there is one where he twists the light and pets the dog " i say laughing " ahhhhhhh" i hear louis yell " thats right " i hear him scream again ....... TO BE CONTINUED ;)

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