just a normal day

Olivia and her friends Brittney and Nichole are driving down the road when they hear a contest on the radio and decide to try and win what is the contest and what will they have to do to win and what well they win why don't you read and find out ...


1. chapter 1

 in a small town in Georgia 3 girls where just driving around when something happend that will change there life forever  

Olivia's pov

" now all of my friends say that its not really wreath it but even if thats true " we was all singing our song by one direction on the radio when all the host came on and said " alright we have one direction with us right now for all you directioners " "yayayaya" we all screamed and the turned it up "hey guys we actually have a little contest for you directioners zayn can you tell us how they can win and what they will win ?" the guy on the raido asked zayn " alright for all are fans out there if you call right now and answer a question  from me , liam , Louis , harry , and niall and get it right then you will win a huge price so call now " zayn finshed and we pulled over and started calling with all are phones "call yaya call " ring ring ring "hello you are our lucky caller what is your name " the guy on the phonwe and radio said " yaya my name is olivia " i told him and looked at my friend that where screaming "hello olivia" harry said " hi harry " i said back "oh wow you know are voices " niall said " yeahh i do niall " i said laughing " you most be a true directioner " liam said "yeahh i am liam" i said i was really happy " vas happening olivia " i heard zayn scream i laugh and so did everyone else "im actually really happy right now zayn " i laughed " alright olivia are you ready for your questions " liam asked "yeahh i am actually "  

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