Cyberbully (Niall Horan fanfic)

Allie was cyber bullied all through high school. She only has one friend. If one guy tries to fix her, will it work, or will her world go crashing down.


4. Where am I?

Allie's POV

My eyes fluttered open. I looked at the unfamilar surroundings. I shot up. I was still in Nialll's hotel. "Morningggggg!" Louis said from the kitchen. I quickly turned around. "Why am I here?" I ask. "You fell asleep last night!" He said. "Where is Collins??" I ask. "I'm Harry's room." He said. "Oh, what's for breakfast?" I ask. "Pancakes." He says. I nod. I looked at my phone and I had a bunch of texts. They were hate. I shook my head. "Ya know, Niall showed me those nasty comments on Facebook. They should piss off." Louis says. "Ya, they should.." I say.  I walk into the kitchen and sit on the counter. I sigh. "I want you to meet my girlfriend, Eleanor today. Don't talk about girlfriends around Liam, he is pretty bummed, his girlfriend broke up with him." Louis said. "That sucks. But I am exited to meet Eleanor." I say. "I'll call her up when Collins wakes up." Louis says. I nod. Niall walks into the room. His face lit up when he saw me. I smiled. "Morning." He says. "Good morning." I reply. Collins and Harry walk him. We all greet each other. Louis called Eleanor and she was on her way. I ate my pancakes. It was the first time I've eaten in a couple of days. I've been to depressed to eat. I went and sat on the couch. "Knock, Knock." I heard a girl's voice call from outside. Louis ran and opened the door. "Hey babe." He said and hugged the beautiful girl. "I'm Eleanor." She said to me and Collins. "I'm Allie and this is Collins." I say.

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