Cyberbully (Niall Horan fanfic)

Allie was cyber bullied all through high school. She only has one friend. If one guy tries to fix her, will it work, or will her world go crashing down.



Allie's POV

I logged onto Facebook, dreading what people would be saying now. Most comments were, 'Your so fat and ugly, no wonder no one dates you.' 'Eww' 'You look like something threw up on you'. Tears fill in my eyes. Collins comes in at shuts the lid. "Don't read what they say!" She says. I shake my head and shove my face into a pillow. She pats my backs. This all started my Sophomore year. Someone hacked into my account and said I was pregnant. I never knew who it was. I stared down. "Let's go out for frozen yogurt. Maybe get your mind off things?" Collins says. I nod slowly. We go into her car. One Direction comes on the radio. I half smile. "Look! One Direction made you smile!!" Collins says. I smiled more. I could see out of the corner of my eye, Collins smiling. We stop in the parking lot of the frozen yogurt place. We walk in and I see a blonde boy piling his frozen yogurt with toppings. And a boy with curly hair. I slowly start to recognize them. I whisper to Collins,"That's One Direction.". She widens her eyes a little. "Should we go say hi?" She asks. The place was empty exept us four. "I-I guess." I say slowly walking towards them. "Hi I'm Collins and this is Allie, we are fans." Collins randomly says. I blink a couple of times, probably looking mental. They turn around. "Hi!" Harry says. "Hey" Niall says. "Do you guys want to eat your yogurt with us?" Harry says. "Sure." I say. I get vanilla frozen yogurt and caramel sauce. I go and sit with the boys. "So, how long are you going to be in Chicago?" I ask. "2 weeks." Niall reply's. "Great." I say. I take a bite of my frozen yogurt. We chat."Oh gosh, brain freeze!" I say, putting my hand on my hear. Niall giggles. I blush. "It's gone now.." I say. I look at Collins and Harry, they were flirting. I roll my eyes. Me and Niall start to get to know eachother. "Sooooooooo, you want to come back to our hotel and hang out for a bit?" Niall asks me. I widen my eye. "Yeeeaahhh.." I say. 

*At Hotel*

"Niall, can I borrow you laptop really fast?" I ask. "Sure." He says. I quickly log into Facebook. I see more terrible comments. My eyes start filling up and I quickly wipe them. These comments say, 'Your soooo fat.' 'What happened to your face?' 'You  should just die, no one cares about you anyways.'. That last comment broke me. I started crying. "Oh my god, what's wrong??!" Niall asks. I show him the laptop. I cover my face with my hands. Niall wraps his arms around me. I cry into his chest. He gets onto his laptop and looks at all the comments. I shake my head. Collins comes over. "Allie! Stop reading the comments!" She says. "I have too." I say. "Why?!" She asks. I shake my head.

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