Crush Imagines

I will write imagines for people who have a crush on anyone,it doesn't matter who.


2. Luke Hemmings Imagine for Nicette. Promises


      You were sitting in your hotel room, you were currently in Paris with your boyfriend of 3 years. Luke Hemmings. He was in the shower *wink wink*, after getting back from the pool. Somehow you felt upset, he never even said anything to you when he walked in. So now here you were lying on the bed you shared with him, thinking of how you had made him annoyed with you. During the rest of the day, he shunned you. No talking, no texting, no interaction what so ever. It wasn't until that night until he said something to you and it was only a simple 'Goodnight.' The next morning, Luke had left before you even woke up. A sudden wave of sadness washed over you. Today was Valentine's Day. Luke was being such a nugget, not saying a word to you for almost two freaking days. Maybe he had a plan, 'Was he going to propose to you under the Eifel Tower or maybe he was going to promise you he was going to stay yours.' You had gotten rather giddy at your thoughts,

"Hey Babygirl." said a voice from the doorway.

"Hi Luke, what's up?" you said in a slightly glum tone.

You had your hope up to the moon, now you had to wait for them to slowly crash back down to earth. Luke hadn't noticed your heavyhearted tone of voice.

"Want to go for a stroll?" He asked in an old timey voice.

You giggled and nodded looking towards the window.

*On the walk to an unknown destination*

The stroll was a nice and silent one, though of course no would be talking as the 'City of Lights' was so breath taking.

You stopped under the Eifel Tower, your assumption may or may not be correct.

"Nicette, you know that I love you right?" Luke asked hands behind his back.

"Yeah I do and you know that I love you too right?"

"That's why," he took two rings out from behind his back, " I'm making a promise that I will love you until the end of our day and beyond that."

Luke took one of the rings and put it on your ring finger. You took the other ring from him and put it on his finger repeating the promise.

The both of you now had promise rings, promising each other their love.

( I don't exactly know how promise rings work, but whateves.)


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