Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


11. His Challenge

"Can you guys give us a moment?" I asked nervously when Niall and my sister came over. We both got off our horses slowly, delaying the moment a little. "I know anything I say isn't going to cut it but I'm so sorry for what happened." Harry said apologetically. I stare over at the trees, not wanting to look in his eyes.
"Can we fall one more time? Stop the tape and rewind. If you walk away I know I'll faint, 'cause there is nobody else, it's gotta be you..." he sang softly, grabbing my hand. We stood there a little awkwardly for a while, his hand still holding mine. I cleared my throat and took my hand away slowly. "Harry....I don't think we can...I don't think we can go back to how we were before this happened." His face fell. "I can forgive you if you earn it, but I can't go back to that after what happened, I'm sorry." I said quietly, my abused heart cracking a little more, knowing he was upset. "Okay, but I will earn your forgiveness! Challenge accepted!" He declared loudly, which made everyone look over at us. "Let's play tag, YOU'RE IT!" I yelled as a distraction from what was said. We chased each other around, kicking up flowers and throwing leaves, then he tackled me to the ground. "The only reason you got me was because I was laughing too hard..." I muttered, being the sore loser I was. Niall rode over to us. "It's time to go Cleo, want a ride back?" He asked, holding out his hand. I just stared at him for a minute, his bright blue eyes sparkling in the bright August
sunlight, and stood up. "Alright, well see you later Harry?" I murmured as Niall helped me onto his horse. I wrapped my arms around him, making sure I wouldn't fall off, and we rode back to where Clara, my sister, and Louis were waiting.

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