Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


8. Her

I had a flash back to the 8th grade...Marie and I were best friends, that is, until she stole my boyfriend...again. We were hanging out with a whole bunch of people outside the doors to school. Out of the blue, she walked over to him and started kissing the boy she said she never liked. After that she got meaner and meaner, she started judging what people talked about, asked people why they looked like they did, and sometimes even bullying people who didn't have the same view as she did. When she started telling people to worship her because she was better, I lost my cool. I showed her up and she backed down and didn't do it again. The very next day I find her and my boyfriend lip locked with both their hands a little lower than they should be...and they were doing all of this when I was still his girlfriend. I jolted back to reality, "Again?!! Really Marie? I can't believe you followed me here and did...THIS!" I screamed, gesturing to her and Harry. At that point I had lost it completely, I stomped over there and slapped her in the face as hard as I could, turning my hand a tomato red. "I have had enough!!!" I screamed as I stormed out Harry's house with tears in my eyes.

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