Splash into Something New

A long, boring vacation to the beach at the end of summer turns into something totally different, with 19 year old Cleo and her slightly older friend, Clara, all wrapped up in it!!


15. Flying in the Park

The next few days before my birthday went by quickly. I was rushed all sorts of places by my sister, Clara, and the boys. We went to the mall, to the zoo, to the park, we even back to where Clara and I were staying to grab some fresh clothes. I sat down on the couch sloppily in some PJs I borrowed from Louis again (I forgot to grab some of mine when we were at the beach house again), I was absolutely exhausted! We had just gotten back from a fancy dinner the band needed to go to, and of course they brought us along. I didn't mind though, it meant I could dress up and not get a funny look for being overdressed. "Hey hunbun, you have to get off the couch." Clara stood in front of me, looking pretty drained of energy herself. "Ugh, fine, help me up?" She grabbed my wrist and yanked me into standing. I shuffled to the room I was in with the help of Zayn. He deposited me on the bed and tip-toed out as silently as he could because the minute my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.

I awoke early the next morning to find Louis asleep on the floor next to the bed, again. 'Okay, so what do I have to do today?' I asked myself. I slapped my hands over my mouth, today was my birthday! I jumped out of bed soundlessly, rummaged through the bag of clothes I brought, looking for a multi-colored sundress. I threw it on and grabbed some casual-looking wedges, practically running out the door before anyone woke up. As I passed the living room I saw balloons and a happy birthday banner, as well as a sombrero where I usually sat at the table. I laughed inside, the sombrero was an inside joke between Clara and I, so I assumed that was who put everything up. I keyed my car and drove to the park near the boys' huge apartment. The park was a huge chunk of land, grass with some hills, tons of trees scattered around in it, and, the best part, hanging on an aged oak tree was an old-fashioned swing. The kind that used rope instead of chains and had a wooden seat, I loved to swing, that kind of swing was my favorite. Since it was only 8 in the morning, no one was there and I could do whatever I pleased. I leaped on to the swing and went as high as I could, holding both my arms out when I got my balance, as I imagined myself flying, the wind flowing through my hair, making parts of it shine in the dappled sunlight. "Clara said I might find you here." I heard a deep voice behind me say satisfactorily. I was so startled I nearly fell off the swing! "Louis, what are you doing here??!" I exclaimed, as he pushed my swing. "I'm here to give you your birthday present silly!" "What is it? It was nothing expensive, right? It better not be! Or I'll feel bad and won't take it!" I protested, craning my neck to see. "Nope, you don't get to see what it is until you get off the swing and let me give you a happy birthday hug!" He declared, with laughter in his eyes. I tried to jump off the swing but the air pushed me backwards and the swing went too high. I let out a little shriek as I began to fall towards the unforgiving ground.

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