The Bite

It was only meant to be our summer break. We're we could get away from our horror past and be crazy wild teenagers. But everything fun, must come to and end. And our end is just the beginning.

Remember when you were little and the stories they told about vampires.
You just laughed it off. But what if you regretted that laugh.
They are here. But what if some aren't so bad.


3. Powers and confessions

We sat in a circle well a oval shaped thing, and I had the joy of all eyes on me.
"Why the hell are you starring at me? I'm not the vampire here! You are I haven't got cool speedy powers!" I yelled a little to loudly. "Allie. Just calm down." Harry said reassuringly. His hand resting on my leg. Rubbing small, soft circles... Again, but it worked. I was calm again.

I nodded Liam to start talking. "Zayn can demonstrate his power first. Then me, Louis,Harry and Niall." I smiled when I heard Harry's name. I only met him today?! What was I thinking?! Falling in love with a- wait who said anything about love? Wait I did this is my mind which I control. (BACK TO THE REAL WORLD)
Zayn stood up and focused his eyes on my own. I felt instant pain coming from every inch of my body. I fell to the ground with a thud and a blood curling scream leaped out of my throat. "Zayn enough! She knows your power now control it!" Harry said running up to me and cradling me. His hand softly stroking my hair and rocking back and forth. Zayn looked away and all pain left my body. I gave a death glare to Zayn who just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "Oh and I can also make power shields. That means if another vampire was to try use their powers against me. I can block them off." He said and sat back in the circle thing. "Your next Li" Niall prodded Liam who just shrugged it off. He stood up and stared at me. Seriously what's with the starring in this house?!
Anyways, Liam's focus was on me and me only. "I can read thoughts and speak to people through my mind." He said while taking his seat again. "And you Allie were thinking about how there's so much starring in this house!" He said while a roar of laughter came from everyone. I blushed a bright red. I could feel my cheeks burning up. Harry placed his hands on my shoulders and whispered into my ear,"Don't you worry love, there's plenty of we're this"he pointed at the boys."came from."

"Ooooo my turn!!!" Louis said excitedly. Harry rolled his eyes along with Liam, Niall and Zayn.
Louis was in front of me one second and be hind me the next. "I" "can teleport" Louis said while flashing in and out of places. I smiled. "Haha I got a smile!" He said. "And I can also heal others wounded. Vampires automatically heal anyways but I can HEAL OTHERS!!!!" He finished off by transporting next to Harry and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Save it louis!" Zayn said sarcastically. "Hazza the floors yours!" Liam said directing his finger to the small area in front of the circle we had created. "We'll I have an ability to calm people and well um every vampire kinda 'mates' with someone. Vampire or not. And that person who ever mine is. I can tell if that person is in danger." Harry said directing almost all of that lecture to me. " I smiled at the thought of Harry being protective of someone he loves. Then a roar of jealously climbed into my thoughts.b"that-that's really sweet Harry, any girl would be lucky to have you. Any of you as their 'protector" I finished off by smiling at each one of them and leaning back into Harry's shoulder. His hand near my waist and the other softly stroking my hair. Niall jumped up and in a milli-second he was gone. "I can turn invisible" he said. He came visible again with a smirk."and everyone I touch can turn invisible to."

------------------------–End of power hour-------------
We had all gathered in front of their gigantic TV and settled on the couch.
"What do we want to watch?" I heard louis say as Niall and him entered the room with a huge bowl of popcorn. "NIGHTMARE ON ELMS STREET!!!" Niall yelled. Harry and I groaned as I put my head on his shoulder and cuddled up to his body. "Niall why don't we let the guest choose." Liam says rolling his eyes over to me. "What?! Why?!" Niall, Louis and I say at once. Everyone looks at me strangely."one I hate horror movies, two If I could choose then probably... Twil- wait that isn't cool now that their real. Um probably Harry Potter" I finished. 
During the movie(It ended up being Harry Potter)

It was right near the end of the last ever movie and I was crying into Harry's shirt.
"Why do they have to die?!" I cry out. "Shhhhhhhh it's alright Allie Boo its just a movie." Harry says cuddling me into his chest. "Ugh! Get a room you two!" Louis yelled from the kitchen. I have know idea what he was doing there but I didn't really care so.
"Harry I'm tired. Can I go to sleep?" I asked harry. He smiled and before I new it i was out like a light on his lap. Curled up like a cat. I was dreaming about Harry and the boys were dying. And I was trapped. My feet, glued to the floor and they were slowly melting away. I screamed and yelled for them to come back, but they never did.
----------DREAM ENDED------ SHE IS STILL ASLEEP---------------
I could here talking and like a jerk I was lifted, bridle style. I latched my arms around the persons neck and felt curls. Harry. I opened my eyes and mine met his. His sparkling green eyes shone bright as the stars in the sky. He placed me on a bed with pillows as soft as silk and a duva as fluffy as a feather. I looked around the room I was placed in. It had a desk, calendar and some posters. An ensuite(sorry if spelt wrong) that looked huge and a walk in closet. In fact 2!
Harry came back from his bathroom in only his Calvin Klein boxers. They were blue and black. He caught me staring, smirked and  looked down at his feet. "We'll are you gonna leave me to freeze or what?" I said with a smile. He jumped in next to me and cuddled up to me. "Wait! Ugh Harry? Do you have some um PJs? For me?" I asked nervously. Wondering if he had something for me to wear. My jeans aren't really the most comfortable to wear in bed. "We'll not for girls especially but you can wear some boxers and a t-shirt if you want?" I nodded. He left the bed and walked over to the walk in wardrobe. He turned around before entering and put out a hand. I took the offer and tip toed into the closet. It was huge! Harry walked over to a set of wooden drawers and pulled out batman covered boxers and a shirt of his that said 'Hipsta Please' on it. He left me alone to dress which was very kind and respectful of him. I came out and his eyes almost popped out of his head. The shirt was huge and came down to my thigh. You could hardly see the boxers and my lower legs felt exposed. I jumped into the bed next to him and cuddled into his chest. "Harry I think I love you" he looked at me for a milli-second then smiled. "We'll that's to bad cos I think I love you too." I smiled while blushing and he wrapped his arms around my waist while he placed soft kisses on top of my head.
"I will keep you safe, and warm no matter where we are, Allie. Goodnight love" harry said before he gently closed his eyes and so did I.

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