Since we were kids


1. Ok

Harry's POV 


I feel like in forgetting something. I can't figure out. "What's wrong Hazza?" I heard my bestfriend Louis say. BESTFRIEND. "Sam!" I screamed and ran to my phone. I called her. "Hello?" She sounded like she was just getting up. "Sup American?" I said. I heard her scream. "Harry?!?!…" she calmed down. "You do know its 3:00 in the morning in the US right?" She yawned. "I just wanted to wish my bestfriend a happy birthday." She giggled. That giggle. It was just a giggle. When we were kids. But now. It turns me on. "You still think outloud." She giggled harder. "Oh while I have you on the phone, I'm visiting England in a tomorrow and then taking a train. Can you pick me…" "YES!" I screamed. "Ok. Ill be there there at around 11:00." She made a kiss noise. I did it back and hung up. I closed my eyes slowly and smiled. I got up and ate lunch. Then the day went on and I went to bed. I finally get to see her again. I knew we'd meet again ever since we were kids and she moved away. I haven't seen her since. Then I saw she followed me on twitter and I followed her back and she sent me her number. Then unfollowed me. Tomorrow is gonna be the best day ever.

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