Since we were kids


6. Continued

"You look so cute when you pout." I smiled and kissed her softly. I picked her up marriage style and carried her out not taking my eyes off of her. Our noses were touching when Perrie interrupted. "They're ready!" She smiled. I frowned and helped Sam to them. I held her up while Perrie adjusted them. She got them on and I felt sad. I like carrying her. Like I will when we get married. "Married?" Sam looked at me. I guess mows as good as a time as ever. "Yeah…I wanna marry you Sam." I said nervously. She smiled and kissed me romantically like when we were in the bedroom. I pulled back. "Good." I smiled at her. She hugged me and dropped her crutches. I spun her around and set her down. Her arms were around me and her bad leg was in the air. My hands were on her waist and my lips were brushed against hers. I softly kissed her. I heard squealing the awing I looked over and the girls were smiling at us. "Shall we go pick you out a gorgeous ring?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. Perrie grabbed her crutches but I didn't let Sam take them. I got down infront of her with back facing her and she got on. I put my arms around her legs and carried her out. Paparazzi came by asking about everything and where we were headed. "I'm picking out a ring for Sam!" I smiled at her. What happened to her leg? "Oh she was stabbed. I ran 8 miles to the hospital to save her." I smiled and then helped her into my car. We got in and drove to Kay Jewelers. She picked out a small ring but I shook my head. "It doesn't fit how great you are. I put it back and picked out one with green in it. Just like her eyes. She nodded and kissed me. 

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