Deadly 3 (Larry Stylinson)

Book three in the Deadly series.


8. Chapter 7

(There is a week time skip......)


*Harry's P.O.V.*


Sunlight streams through the window, causing me to squint my eyes. I furrow my eyebrows as I feel a warm heat press against my back. After a few moments, I manage to turn around and pry my eyes open. My heart thumps when I see Louis lying there, his lower lip slightly pouted. I run my fingers through his moderately short hair, pecking his forehead.


"I love you," I whisper softly in his ear. Lying back down, I think of the events of the past week. Louis and I escaped the Hitlers' basement through the secret tunnel, and managed to make it back to Zayn's house safely. We gathered everyone up and headed out to an old fort in the woods. That's where we are now. Niall and Skylar are staying in one room, then Zayn and Ashton, then Tracy and Liam, then Louis and I. There's an empty room next to Niall and Skylar's. Did I forget to mention, Niall rescued Skylar from the camp? He went in the middle of the night and snuck her out through the grate. What it is with these people and secret tunnels, I have no idea.


"Harry?," Louis murmurs, his eyes peaking open. "Are you awake?" I laugh and sit up, putting his head in my lap.


"Nope. I'm just petting your hair and forming complete sentences in my sleep." He stares at me blankly before shaking his head.


"Don't try to be smart this early in the morning," he mutters, sitting upright. I laugh, kissing him softly on the cheek. He then looks away and softly pushes me backward. I scoff and push him back. It soon escalates to us wrestling on the bed, and I eventually end up straddling him, his head on a pillow. He winds his arms around my neck, and I smile down at him.


"You're beautiful," I tell him. He rolls his eyes. I begin kissing him all over his face, neck, and chest. He laughs and squeals as my lips tickle his skin. I finally stop, staring into his eyes. We inch closer and closer to each other, until our noses are touching. I keep glancing between his eyes and lips, asking for permission.


"Kiss me," he whispers, and I do. I close my eyes and slam my lips to his, sliding my hands to his hips. His arms tighten around my neck, and I slide my tongue along his bottom lip. He lets me in, and I slide my tongue around, exploring his mouth. I massage my thumbs into his hips, and he moans. I smile and pull back, running my lips down his neck. After leaving a decent sized mark and chuckling at his loud moans, I fall onto my side and cuddle into him.


"I love you, so much, Lou," I whisper, softly kissing his ear.


"I love you more, Hazza." I wrap my arms around him, falling asleep on his chest.


*3rd Person P.O.V.*


A banging sounds through the house as Hitler pounds on the door. A woman runs through the house, soothing the wounded soldiers that are awakened by the noise. She throws the door open before stepping out and slamming it shut again.


"There are wounded people in there!," she snaps, combing her hair away from her face with her fingers. "I'm sorry, Hitler, sir. I'm just so very stressed." Hitler raises his hand to silence her.


"It's fine. Where is your daughter, Ashton Nicole?" The woman's eyes widen. She knows where her daughter is, but was asked not to reveal it to anyone. She squares her shoulders.


"I do not know," she tells him, determined to protect her daughter. Hitler stares at her, displeased.


"Listen," he says, turning his back to her. "You either tell me where she is, or....." He trails off, motioning to a soldier, who's gun is leveled with the woman's head. She sucks in a breath.


"I would rather die than reveal my daughter and her friends to you!" Hitler solemnly nods.


"So be it. Any last words?," he asks. She nods.


"May America stop your sick ways." With that, a trigger is pulled, and Hitler and his soldiers walk away. Laying on the porch, her blood trickling down her forehead and down the steps, is Harmony Nicole. She died to protect her daughter and her friends, not knowing how much of an impact she would really make. Especially to the crowd of people huddled around a corner, that had watched the entire thing unfold..........



This sucked ketchup. Please comment? IT would mean a lot............ AND ASHTON'S MOTHER DIED?! POOR ASHTON!! :O


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