Deadly 3 (Larry Stylinson)

Book three in the Deadly series.


5. Chapter 4

*Louis' P.O.V.*


Jenna shifts, jarring me out of my light sleep. Her face is sticky with tears, and I remember what she had said. I slowly slip away from her, adjusting the blankets to where they stayed over her small frame. I then walk over to the door, banging on it. Nathan opens it, his eyes wide.


"What now? You need more pillows?" I laugh at his sarcasm.


"Nathan, is your girlfriend missing?," I ask him, sticking my foot in front of the door, just incase he tries to close it. His eyes grow misty, and he nods.


"Yeah. She vanished about two years ago," he whispers, his head hanging.


"I may know where she is." His head snaps up. "What was her name?"


"Jenna," he says suspiciously. "Jenna Styles." I nod, certain that it's her.


"She's in here," I say. He just laughs.

"You expect me to be-" He's cut off by Jenna yelling in her sleep.


"Nathan! No! Don't leave! Please! I LOVE YOU!" Nathan's tears spill over, and he props the door open with a stone, running in and taking Jenna into his arms. She jolts awake, staring into his eyes. "Nathan," she whispers, throwing her arms around him.


"Jenna," he cries. "My angel." He pulls back and kisses her passionately, and it tugs at my heart.


"I love you," she says, when they pull back. Nathan stands.


"I love you, too," he says. He then turns to me. "You're the Louis." I stand there, waiting for him to elaborate. "Zayn's friend. Newest leader of the Cause?" I nod, smiling.


"Yeah, that's me," I say.


"Sykes!" Nathan's head snaps up. He runs out of the cell, shutting the door behind him. I hear muffled conversation before he opens the door again.


"Tomlinson," he says, "I'm assigned to take you to the home of Adolf Hitler." My heart stops as he says this. He grabs my arm and pulls me out, waving goodbye to Jenna. He leads me down the road, stopping in front of their house. "I'm sorry," he mutters, pushing me up the walk way. "Just knock."


"Okay....," I say, watching him walk off. I reluctantly knock on the door, and Rebecca opens the door.


"He's here, Daddy," she says, and Hitler steps forward, flanked by two guards. He nods, and they grab me by my arms. They drag me over to a door, opening it at stepping onto some stairs.


"Where a-" I'm cut off when they throw me to the ground. The door slams, and I hear the whimpering of a puppy.


"Lilly, stay back," a husky voice says, and my heart swells.


"Harry," I say, crawling towards him. I see his face, and I can't contain my tears anymore. He lunges toward me, just as I jump towards him. Our lips meet in the middle, and my insides melt. His arms wrap around my waist, pulling me hard against his chest. He pours all of his love and passion and lust into our kiss, and I do the same. As much as I hate it, I have to pull back for air.


"Hi," he whispers, staring into my eyes as he breathes heavily. Our chests brush against each other with each breath. I pull him into a hug, my tears soaking his shirt.


"Hi," I reply, laughing lightly. He pulls back, kissing me again.


"I missed you," he says.


"We've only been apart for one day," I tell him, rubbing our noses together. He blushes, looking down.


"I just love you so much," he whispers, the tint of his blush getting darker. I glance at the clock, and I notice it's two in the afternoon. I look at Harry, bringing his lips softly to mine. I move down to his neck, sucking and nipping as he moans quietly. I kiss behind his ear, soothing the fresh mark that I placed there.


"Happy birthday," I whisper. He lies down, an adorable smile on his face. I lie alongside him, and he curls into me, his face nuzzling into my neck. He kisses it softly, and I sigh.


"Goodnight," he whispers.





Louis doesn't know about the execution......... And who wants to know why Jenna was put in jail?? I love you!

~IchallengeNiall (Skylar)

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