Deadly 3 (Larry Stylinson)

Book three in the Deadly series.


3. Chapter 2

*Tracy's P.O.V.*


"Skylar," I call again, turning around frantically. Great. My first friend, and now she's gone. I shake my head, walking back over to Zayn and Ashton. Ashton hangs her head, sobbing. I rub her back, and Zayn pulls her closer, murmuring into her ear. We begin to walk back, me thinking about an hour before, when Skylar decided to see who was staying in the spare bed.




"I'm going downstairs," Liam tells me, and I roll my eyes.


"Thanks, that information was so vital to me!" He shakes his head, walking out. Moments later, I hear a shout from below.


"A GIRL?" Footsteps pound on the steps, and a head covered in curly hair pops into the room. "HI!," the girl exclaims, coming over to me. "I'm Skylar." She holds out her hand.


"Tracy," I state, shaking her hand. She plops down next to me.


"So, Tracy, how'd you get here?"


"Well, I had to go feed my horses, so I went to my barn. It's a long walk. While I was there, it started pouring rain. I fell asleep on some hay, and when I woke up, Big Head was asleep a few feet away." She stops me.


"Big Head is Liam, right?"


"Yes. I woke him up, told him how I couldn't get home, and he brought me here."


"Wow," she says. "Something tells me you don't like Liam." I open my mouth, struggling to explain. I finally just spit it out.


"It's not that I don't like him," I sputter. "It's just, if I'm nice to someone, I get close to them. If I get close to them, something bad happens. I like Liam a lot." She looks puzzled, so I decide to explain. "I got close to a boy one time, and the next week he moved. I got close to my mom, she was hit by a stray bullet." At the mention of my mother, tears make their way down my face. Skylar brings me into a hug, holding me until the tears stop. "Enough about me. Tell me about you."


"Well," she begins, and I shift around, getting comfortable. "My name is Skylar Twister, I'm 16 years old and I LOVE the color blue. I enjoy eating food, almost as much as Niall. I feel like I'm forgetting something..........." Someone clears their throat, and both of our heads snap to the door. A blonde boy stands there, and he makes his way over to Skylar.


"Maybe it's that your dating the one and only Nialler Horan," he states, pecking her cheek. She laughs.


"Yeah that," she says. "Tracy, this is my boyfriend, Niall." I shake his hand, standing up.


"I have to go to the bathroom......," I trail off.


"Third door to the left," Niall says, placing kisses all over Skylar's face.


"Oh, and Tracy," Skylar says, "you're coming shopping with Ashton and I." I nod, leaving the room. I made a friend. Let's just hope nothing bad happens.......


*End of flashback*


It's then that it hits me.


"What are we going to tell Niall?!," I ask, looking at them worriedly. They stop. Zayn thinks for a moment before speaking up.


"We'll say she went to go visit her family, and we don't know when she'll be back," he says. We look up and see that we're in the front yard, and I'm elected to go in first. It helps, because this way I'll be able to make a beeline for my bed and cry. We get inside, and I take off, throwing myself face-down on the bed. I hear Liam's bed creak, and mine dips.


"Tracy?," he asks, hesitant. I sit up, looking at him through my tears. His face is masked with concern, and he cups my cheeks, wiping the tears away. "Hey, it's okay. What happened?"


"She's gone," I sob, crying into my hands. "Skylar is missing!" He brings me into his arms as the violent sobs wrack my body. I wrap my arms around his neck and cry into his shoulder.


"Calm down," he whispers in my ear. "Everything will be okay." He holds me until I can breathe again, and even then he doesn't let go. I start getting sleepy, so he lays me down and tucks me in. As he turns to go, I catch his hand.


"Lay with me," I whisper, and he smiles softly. He pulls his shirt over his head, slipping under the covers. I nestle into his warm chest, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.


*Skylar's P.O.V.*


I'm roughly pulled out of the truck, lined up before a man. He has patches. Patches the are put on our clothes to signify why we are here. He steps in front of me.




"Jewish," I answer, and he sticks a yellow star on my right shoulder. He moves on. I walk away, looking around me. I see a boy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and I instantly think of Niall. I begin crying, and I'm suddenly on the ground.


"No crying!," a soldier shouts as he leans over me. This causes me to cry harder, and he raises his gun to hit me. I shut my eyes, waiting for impact. Instead, I hear a hard whack, and the soldier growls, walking away. I look next to me and see the blonde boy, a bloody gash by his eye. I look at his shoulder, and see both a yellow star and a pink triangle. He's Jewish and homosexual.


"Why'd you do that?," I ask him, helping him to sit up. His blue eyes flash to mine, and they remind me even more of Niall.


"He was going to hit you," he mutters. "That isn't right. I'm Spencer."




"Well, Skylar," he says, standing up and offering me his hand, "I think we're going to be great friends."


*Niall's P.O.V.*


I stand outside Liam's door, listening to Tracy sob. After Zayn told me Skylar was visiting family, I decided to go up and check on Liam, because he had informed me that she didn't seem to like him. When I got here, though, Tracy was sitting with Liam.


"She's gone," Tracy sobs. "Skylar is missing!" Hearing those words cracks my heart in two. I walk to my room, sitting on my bed.


"Gone?," I whimper to myself. My baby is gone. My world is missing. I pull a small box out from under my bed, dumping the promise ring into my hand. I hold it close to my heart, tears leaking out of my eyes. "My princess. My love," I whisper. I then cry myself to sleep, dreaming of Skylar.



I have a question. Who is your favorite couple besides Larry? There is Zashton, Skiall, and even though they aren't a couple at the moment, Lacy. (Liam and Tracy) Vote in the comments! I love you!

~IchallengeNiall (Skylar)

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