the demon and the angel

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11. the house

Gabriel's p.o.v

“well punk we've made it our business. BOYS!” a dozen or so demons with curled horns walk out “buddy this is a mistake you will regret this.” he laughs “oh ya little boy the way you look is probably just a guise your a cockroach and we are going to smear you into the ground and take your pretty girl over there.” they encircle us “honey stay behind me and get down ok?” she looks at me scared “o-ok I will.” they start charging toward me I gather all my strength and start moving at the speed no person could see. “where'd that lil runt g-!” slice his head rolls to the ground they all turn to see his body fall and disintegrate into sulfer dust they turn to where i'm standing next to honey and they all run for there bikes and start driving away I get honey into the vet I stand next to a trail of gasoline and snap my fingers snap. whoosh the flames speed toward the bikers BOOM.

I hop in the car “its ok honey i'm taking you to your sister.” she puts an angelic blade to my throat “you angels are soo non-trusting to other people.” I look over at her as she puts the blade closer to my throat

“you are not a person.” I feel the knife slice through my skin the sting then the burning of the knifes hair splitting blade pushed into the wound the hot blood rolling down my skin “take it from my throat or I will take that blade and shove it where the sun won't shine and it'll hurt like a mother fucker for the rest of your life.” I growl at her she lowers the blade and puts it away “why didn't my sister come herself?” I chuckle and shift into reverse slamming on the gas as we get on the interstate I respond “your sister has a price on her head my father and I are to protect you my job is to protect you first and foremost I give you my word no harm will come to you not even from myself.” I speed off the interstate suddenly the shriek of the siren behind me “damn cops just follow my lead.” I pull to a stop “license and registration please.” “alright sir hold on.” I fumble in my bag for my fake id “kid where the hell where you going at speeds like that?” I chuckle “me and my girl where on our way to a friends 21st birthday party and the party doesn't start till the drivers there right sir?” he just shakes his head and walks to his cruiser. “honey when he gets back we need to kiss or he'll think i'm lying.” she blushes

“are you um.... sure?” “shit! Here he come's.” “wh-mph!” I kiss her but suddenly it turns deeper and more passionate than any i've ever had and trust me i've had some deep make-out sessions “um kid are you and that girl done i'm just giving you a”i struggle out pissed at myself for breaking the kiss “um.. ya thank you sir have a great night!” he smiles and walks away “lets get outta here dove!” she turns her whole body toward the window I hear the faint murmurer “don't call me that.” I laugh out loud and shift into first gear

…..............................…................................3 hours later............................................................................


“hey dove wake up where at the house, my dad and your sister are not here i'm a bit worried.” I look over at her she's sound asleep “fine stay asleep ill just check it out... helllllooooooo.. ok be good my little dove.” I chuckle as I get out I stand there and drop my guise letting my demonic blood take dominance then I smelled the air hoping to catch my fathers scent only catching the scent of mortals.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” I turn realizing I was following a mortal scent away from the car I see a demon I know trying to steal my car and honey. “DIMITRI!!!!!!” I half yell half snarl his little head pops up I storm toward the car “Gabriel my friend I didn't know it was you!” he squeaks cowering huddled against my car sniffling from the cold “dimi what are you doing out of Russia comrade?” I say slipping into my Russian accent very easily “you sound like my friend now how do you do that it takes time to leave a accent you have been gone just a year my friend. And I was just going to um uh..... visit! Ya visit you I thought this girl was in trouble.” he smiles broadly as he finishes talking I crouch next to him whispering in his ear “go back to Russia and say nothing of our meeting.” he looks into my eyes I let them flash a indigo purple he yelps shrinking back I stand to my feet looking down at him he staggers to his feet and dashes for it. I round the car “ are you ok!?” she nodded “ok we have to go to my apartment I need to tell my mother this place is compromised.” I jump in the car and we drive away.

…..................................................................10 miles later..........................................................................


“whats your name?” I look over at her she's cuddled up to me “Gabriel... my name is Gabriel I don't have a last name.” she look's up at me “can we stop to eat i'm really hungry?” I nod and turn onto the interstate “it'll be a couple minutes I have to put some distance between us and that house. Can I see your phone?” she nods and hands it to me I flip it open and punch in my dads number I hit the call button I put the speaker on and set it on the dash she grabs my arm and lays against me again ring ring ring ring ring ring ring “hello. Who is this?” “this is Lewis i'm sorry I was looking for hawk he must not be there sorry.” I quickly hang up the phone and throw it out the window “shit! They got dad and your sister.” she looks at me eyes wide “what do we do?” “we save them.”




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… hour later......................................................................


I turn into a walmart parking lot. “alright we'll go in and you find clothes in your size name brand expensive stuff ill get me some clothes and some food after we'll go to a motel and sleep for a bit then we'll find them.” we separate as we go in her going to the woman's section me going to the men's section I look around I finally decide I have to go to hot topic down the road I go to the hot meal section of the deli get some general sou's chicken I head to the girls dressing rooms “little dove you in there?” I hear a chuckle and turn to see her behind me “i'm right here lover boy now lets get outta here.” I nod and we head over to the check out I look around trying to find the shortest line I finally find it I pay and we walk out to the car I drive to the hot topic and run inside grabbing some clip on jewelry in case I need to take honey into a bar also some temp tattoos I grabbed some skinny red jeans a pair of red and black checker overalls a black netted shirt and a leather jacket with white symbols all over it I smile remembering when me and my dad came up with the clothing line Demons Markings basically all the clothes people wear but with symbols of alchemical meaning, quotes about demons from books written on them and, drawings of demons and angels it is an all time seller for us we made millions separated into multiple off-shore account for both of us. I grab a new gir bag for things for her grab her some stuff to go in it for emergency I grabbed one then for me to change bags cause mines old and then I check out I jump in the car “what took so long lover boy?” I laugh and look over at her “just getting some thing little dove.” she laughs we head to a gas station to grab some odds and ends then to the Ashley motel I check us in and we head to our room we walk in and I see only one bed “guess I'll be on the floor then.” she walks over to the bed and plops the bags on the floor then sits on the bed beckoning to me “we could share the bed i'm not exactly a complete good girl I like the wild side.” I smile putting the other bags on the floor next to the table then walk over to her I sit next to her on the bed and take her face in my hands and kiss her passionately I brake away “if you continue like this you'll fall from Havens grace. Would you do that to spend eternity with me?” she looks at me and simply nods we continue to kiss it getting more and more passionately our burning hot passion searing white hot the air around us growing white then red the searing pain of her touching me I quickly rip off my shirt and pants her doing the same I unhook her bra she slips her underwear off I take off my boxers I lay her down gently she moans in ecstasy as we continue I spread my wings my guise drops the collar around my neck the black chain turning red hot the flames on my horns dancing excitedly the half halos light growing brighter my wings extended fully her guise dropped as well her halo brighter than mine her wings opening out beneath her glowing with angelic light finally she comes her screams of pain/ecstasy ringing out throughout the room my guise goes back up but she crumples in pain I see her halo breaking apart small white horns appearing on her head her wings turning a blood red I hold her in my arms as she cries in pain the change is so much she falls asleep in my arms I fall asleep while holding her.


“lover boy wake up we need to find your father and rosemary, lover boy wake up and I'll give you a kiss.” I open my eyes and sit up “a kiss that is a mighty good reason to wake up.” she smiles and kisses me she breaks away “get in the shower when i'm done. Ok?” she walks to the bathroom “ya, alright dove.” I stand up as I hear the shower start I think of calling my mother I grab the extra phone from my bag I dial my mothers number and hit send ring ring ring ri- “hello this is sheila who are you?” “its me mom.” “Gabe my boy is your father ok?” “no mom he and rose have been taken.” “rose is with me son your father decided to meet you there and go to a new house in the suburbs less conspicuous for the girls you two where going to dress like gentlemen.” I laugh at the thought “well I may have done something you won't like mom the girl my little dove has been-” “Gabriel you better not have turned that girl from havens grace!” “ i'm sorry mom but I did we are in love.” “gabe her sister felt something a little bit ago was that it?” “yes I must go ill speak to you later.” click I hang up the phone and sigh honey walks out in a towel “is she mad?” “who dove?” “my sister is she mad?” “i'm not sure dove I hung up the phone we will find out in a couple days.” she smiles a small smile I stand and walk over to her kissing her forehead “eat something ill take a shower then we will sleep a bit more.” I walk into the bathroom leaving the door open turning the hot water on full I get in shutting the curtain the hot water running over my skin I wash myself then just stand there thinking the water turning cold and finally the shower curtain opens and my dove turns off the water

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