the demon and the angel

read to find out
please give me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page need to know if the direction of the story is ok


1. the dark

running running the sound of his heavy footfalls pounding behind me all i see is the darkness. but wait there in the distance the end of this never ending alley way. "come back here you devilish boy!" one more step and ill be out of the darkness.

"wake up you idiot your late for your job again!" damn landlord i turn over to look at my clock flashing 12:00 in green led. wonderful the power went out again this old hole in the wall needs renevations badly i sit up staring at me is my reflection in the mirror. oh i might whant to tell you what i look like before i continue im roughly 6ft, im muscular, tanned like a surfer, my hair naturally is blonde i dyed it black, i have one gold eye one blue. well explaining all that im already dressed for work i work in a bakery down on mainstreet takes about 15 minutes to get there if i run it will take 9 minutes. i walk out the door ignoring my asshole landlord, "hey dick weed were's my rent money it was due yesterday." i look at him "your money will come when i give it to you." he chuckels to himself. "you got balls today fuck up." i walk downstairs getting ready to walk out the door. "hey kid." he calls to me from the top of the staircase "pay today or find another place to stay."

the rage that had building since i got up that morning was teetering on the edge when some little kid decided to touch every pastry in the store. "Hey! runt stop touching the sweets come back with some money or dont come back at all!" the little kid dashes out the door "Dustin are you being rude to our guest's again?" i sigh wondering when the old bat will die. "no miss lav im just telling some one to get along."  one more hour till i get off work then i can shed these damn milk man looking clothes.


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