the demon and the angel

read to find out
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9. the boy

"where are we going?" i look at her she's staring out the window i quickly glance back at the road. "a friends house you'll be safe there." i make a hard right horns scream out to me from the car i narrowly avoid hitting "if they are your friends how can you trust them your a bunch of un-godly liar's." i come to a sudden stop i look at her through clenched teeth i reply "were there get out and go over to the abandonded bulding stand by the fire escape." i wait for her to get out  "NOW!" she jumps out and runs to the fire escape standing there nervously picking at the hem of her shirt i turn off the engine and look over at her standing in the street light i get out of the car grabing my bag and the rifle under the blanket in the back i sling it over my shoulder i reach under my seat geting my handgun i put it in the holster under my leather trench coat i stride over and hand her a womans leather trench coat "put this on we need to be unseen flying to the roof. she takes it in hand like its poisened "why are we flying up there why not use the fire escape?" i watch her put it on then reply "the mortals and lower ranking demons use it we want to be stealth so we use the roof." she sighs then releash's her wings i do the same but then i remember her's are gold i look around "bingo." i say as i grab a light weight tarp i rip it in half then drap each half over one wing "you will fly infront of me so i can hold these go now."

we crouch down on the roof getting up was easy now finding my friend might be tricky. i motoin for her to follow we tread lightly on our decent down the stairs i see a demon over a human i motion for her to stop i take my handgun out and screw on the silencer aim and bang right on target the demon disenegrates into sulfer we continue coming upon a handful more demons once at my friends door i knock four times wait and knock four more i hear the click of locks the door opens revealing a wrinkly grandma looking woman "dustin you have been away to long i missed you." she hugs me then shoo's us in huredly "now who you have with you better not be a nother follower or ill bust you up boy!" she says as she hurrys back to her chair and picks up her shotgun ready to shot me if it is a folower "no mam' i promised i wouldn't do that again." i say in my southern accent "shes an angel someone put a hit out on her among the demons i figured shes as safe with me as she is you." rosemary looks at me "this is your friend an old woman?" i turn to her "this old woman has saved my life more than i can count when she was a baby she crawled over to my dying body and gave me some of her innocents when she was a youth she came between me and a hellhound and tamed it as a teen she came to my side when i was in a demonic craze and now i shall beg her to deal with your inpudent ass while i take care of the threat on your life!" she looks between us "why would you do that all for him?" shelia *thats the old womans name* motions for us to sit "i did it because i love him i birthed his son because i love him and i know he cannot stay with me nor i him but i still love him i see a light in his black soul that will never go out." i look down as tears spring to my eyes "where is he?" i ask looking up she sighs "in his room. he has wings now you know." i smile to myself "gabriel!" shelia yells we hear a bang then a soft curse as he come runing out of his room i take him in my arms then admire his looks ill descibe him since you cant see through my eyes. he's five foot nine, white hair, skinny but defined, tanish skin one blue eye one redish gold his wings are deep red with lines of white running through it "hi dad where u been at got any presents for me?" he ask's grinning from ear to ear "of course i do let me introuduce you to my friend first." i turn so rosemary can see him. " rosemary this is my son gabriel gabe this is rosemary."

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