Alex Renders was the girl you could call a lesbian slut. All she ever does is just looking for a one night stand. But one day she finds Tina Reed, who just happens to be her another one night stand. But after all she can't forget her, and Tina feels the same way.


3. Chapter 2.

Tina's Point Of View



"Where were you last night?" I asked my sister who came home last night at about 2am. She would always come at 11 or 12pm, but never ever 2am. She looked at me from my toes to my head and didn't say a thing. "Where were-" She cut me off.


"I was in a club, okay?" She said getting a bit annoyed. I knew that it wasn't just club, i know she did something. "I went to Abigail's club," 


Now i know. Abigail is my old friend, we went to school together back in Ireland, but she moved here because her father got a job as a producer. She owns a lesbian club called 'Illusion', though she never knew i am one. She told me that she loves girls, but i never had enough of courage to tell her. 


And Olivia said me that she wants to try going out with a chick, and she probably found herself one there and had sex and a making out session. I always told Olivia that there's no such thing as becoming a lesbian. I was born as a lesbian and she was born normal, straight. She can't choose her sexuality.


I started to rub my temples so i won't burst out with anger, "Olivia, i told you that you can't just become a lesbian," I said harshly then looked up at her dark brown eyes, which weren't covered with lenses. She had so beautiful eyes and i don't get why she wears those lenses. 


"I had fun," She said excitedly with a smirk playing on her lips. Yeah, and by that she meant her first ever lesbian sex. I never had lesbian sex though. Sydney never wanted because she always told me that she's not ready, and then i moved here to Los Angeles and she will never be able to have sex with me. 


"That was a one night stand," I said looking at her, sending daggers. "I had one of those." I remembered the first time i was charmed by a really beautiful girl, i thought it was love at first sight. 




I looked around the club, searching for my friend Ellen who doesn't come back for about ten minutes now. I was getting kind of worried, but come on, she's a year older than me, i hope she won't get herself in trouble, like she always does.


Suddenly someone sat down next to me, but i didn't bother to look who that was. 


"Who are you looking for?" A really lovely and sweet voice asked me. I turned to face the girl and i was amazed by how beautiful she was. She had beautiful brown hair that reached her bum, dark dark brown eyes, almost black, and her lips, so plump, pink and kissable. 


Is this love at first sight?


"Ummm, m-my friend," I said, still amazed by her beauty. I haven't seen such a beautiful girl in my entire existence. She just smirked at me and put her hand on my own. I looked down at our hands and then looked up at the girl. 


"Who cares about her now," She whispered in my ear and planted soft kisses from my ear to my jaw, and i was enjoying this. She planted a soft kiss on my jaw, under my lips and then moved up, kissing my soft lips, that oh-so craved for her lips. 


She kept kissing me softly on the lips and then she moved her hand on the back of my head. My hands were around her neck and as the kiss got deeper we moved even more and more. She with her one free hand rubbed one of my boobs and i deepened the kiss by slipping my tongue in her mouth and feeling the mint taste in her mouth. 


I craved for her. I actually craved for her. Even though i'm only sixteen years old, i want to have sex with this girl, because i never felt anything with any other girl. She had something special and that atracted me so much to her. 


End Of Flashback


That night we didn't have sex. We only kept kissing each others' mouths off. I reall liked that girl. She said she would bring us drinks, but she never actually came back. I was really upset, but i knew that she's not the only one i would want to spend the rest of my life with. 


"What was her name?" I asked, getting slightly curious. My sister just smirked and chuckled, shaking her head, probably thinking about that girl and the adventure she had tonight. 


"Alex," She said. "She was so hot. Blonde hair, blue eyes and she kissed amazingly," She told me about her, and probably started wetting herself. I laughed and crossed my arms. 


"And what about sex?" I asked. I couldn't help, but i was really curious about her experience, i wonder when i'll have my first ever sex. I'm eighteen, just the right time. 


"She was amazing at that," She smirked and i rolled my eyes, walking out of the room and in the kitchen. I actually couldn't believe that my sister already had sex with a girl, before me. She 'became' a lesbian just few months ago and i was a lesbian for my whole life and i still haven't had sex. Unbelievable. 


"What do you want for breakfast?" I asked Olivia, looking in the fridge to find something that we cold eat. Finding nothing, i ignored Olivia's request of fried eggs and just closed the fridge door. 


"We're going to have breakfast in Starbucks, call Abigail, invite her," I told Olivia and she just shouted, "Okay!" from the bathroom. 


I sat down on the sofa and turned on TV. Nothing good was on and i was getting annoyed. United States of America is such a big country, but nothing interesting was on. Even in Ireland i could find something good at this time of the day. In USA; it's only morning news. 


When Olivia walked out of the bathroom with a phone in her hand, she started calling someone and i guess it's Abigail, "Hey, Abbie!" She said happily.


"How are you?" 


"Mhm, we're good!" 


"Umm, Tina told me to invite you to Starbucks, to have breakfast with us," She said and nodded her head as Abigail said something in to the phone. 


Olivia brought her phone to me and said, "She wants to talk to you," I picked the phone and put it next to my ear.




"Hey, Tina, long time not seen you," She laughed in the phone.


"You haven't seen me,"


"I have seen your sister at the club with my friend Alex," She said and i could actually hear her smirking in to the phone. "I can imagine what they did there, because i found Alex naked in her bed and there was a stain on the duved," She laughed hardly in to the phone and i laughed as well.


"Cough, cum, cough," She said and i burst ou laughing. 


"Okay, anyway," I said. "Wanna go to Starbucks?" 


"Yeah, sure," She said still chuckling a bit. "In which one?" 


"The one that is near the beach," I explained, not knowing the street.


I heard Abigail chuckling and then another higher chuckle in the background, "What are you doing there?" I asked her. 


"Oh it's just Fiona, my girlfriend," She said chuckling. "Okay, i'll be there. Now i gotta go," She said and i just chuckled and said, "Bye." 


I gave the phone back to Olivia and told her, "She'll be there," 


I'm really curious about how Alex looks like. Even my sister liked her, and we both always had the same taste.But obviously not the same taste in men. Men are gross. 


* * * * *


After our meeting in Starbucks, me and Abigail agreed to meet tonight at the club and have some fun there. Abigail told us a little bit about her girlfriend Fiona. Looks like Fiona's parents know Abigail's parents because they're colleagues at Abigail's father's job. They met when Abigail was in the studio with her father, Fiona's father was going to sign some singer and Abigail's father was going to sign a band. That's how those girls met. 


She told me how in love they are, even though Abigail is only 20, she wants to spend her whole life with Fiona. It sounded so cliche to me. But after all its love. 


I was getting ready for the club, putting my favorite tight black dress with a bare back and my black Louboutins. My make up was smoky eye and i had bright red lipstick on, so i could actually catch someone's attention. My hair was curled in to nice curls and i actually looked hot. 


I looked at the clock and took my phone and put it in my dress' pocket. I walked to the door, shouting for Olivia's attention, "I'll be home late," I said and walked out of the apartment and outside of the building. 


I looked around the road. Abigail with her girlfriend are supposed to take me with them, because i don't have a car yet. As i saw a nice white Audi A5/S5 cabriolet driving, i knew it was them. They pulled over to me and i smiled, looking at those lovers. Fiona was beautiful actually, but definitely not my type. 


"Hop in!" Abbie said and i laughed, getting in the car. As we drove to the club, every kind of music was playing and we kept partying in the car. Knowing that it's Friday and Olivia is at home, doing nothing, i mentally laughed at her. 


Soon we stopped by a club and there were plenty of girls waiting in the line. That was probably the most successful lesbian club in the city. "Your club is really successful," I told Abbie and she nodded. 


"I know," She laughed. "This city has a lot of hot lesbians here," She looked at Fiona and kissed her lips before getting out of the car. We three walked to the door and the guards let us in immediately because they have to know that Abigail is the boss of this club. 


We entered the club and a smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. I hated alcohol, people say that when i'm drunk i get really dirty minded and wanna have sex with everybody. Well that's a lie. 


As i looked around Abbie and Fiona were nowhere in sight and i just walked around. There were only girls in the club and that was just amazing, that's probably the best thing that i loved about lesbian clubs. 


Soon as i roamed around i felt someone poke me on the shoulder, i turned around and saw really really really beautiful and hot blonde standing right in front of me and smirking. She licked her lips and looked at my lips hungrily. 


"Hey," She said coming closer and i stayed in my place, only wanting to come closer to her. "What's your name?" She asked me and brushed her soft fingers up and down along my arm. I shivered at her touch and she chuckled. 


"Tina," I said and looked at her eyes, they were a really beautiful shade of blue. 


"Nice to meet you, Tina," She whispered in to my ear. "I'm Alex," 


It was her. She's the girl that had sex with Olivia. And she's gorgeous. No doubt that Olivia has a slight crush on her, she's hot as fuck. I decided not to act like a pussy and get brave. 


"Well Alex, you look hot tonight," I said with a smirk on my face and a big wish in my mind. 


"I could say the same thing about you," She said as she moved closer and closer to my face. I could feel her minty breath and then suddenly our lips connected and i felt different. I felt a cocoon of butterflies explode in my stomach and electricity run through my veins. Her lips were so soft and warm and i craved them more and more. 


We're making out in the middle of the dance floor.


And i don't care, i just want my wish to come true. 


Have sex with Alex. 


* * * * * * * * * *

How do you like this, guys? This is the second chapter today, but oh well, you're the best readers ever :) I will finish writing the sexy chapter tomorrow, but for now have this. Who knows maybe i won't even write a sexy chapter hehe. :P OK, i hope you liked it. Leave a comment, like, add to favorites and i'll love you forever. 


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