One Way Or Another

Melanie a 15 year old was obsessed with One Direction or as she like to refer to as a dedication ,but her friend since 6th grade, Will Monroe bugs her about it all the time the thing is that she will soon develop feelings for him. She just doesn't know they both Like each other how will he express his feelings for her...Will The Answer involve a little someone from a band called One Direction?
First Movella NO hate please its Not gonna be perfect! Enjoy!


2. Chapter 2

~ Melanie P.O.V 

what the fuck was his problem? I just smiled it doesnt even mean anything I'll probably get over it soon,you know im done with this im working by myself." um Mr Johnson can I work by myself?" I asked, " well I thought you were working with Will?"  "Well I did to but he just stormed out and well can I ?". "Well why not, go ahead." "Thank you", I said while leaving. I gathered my stuff and went back to my seat starded to work and I was about halfway done when the chair next to me is pulled out and see someone sit down and then I noticed that person was Will. "What do you wa-" I get caught when I notice his eyes they were red and puffy. "Will whats wrong..were you crying?" I asked worried,"Oh no I went the bathroom and hurt myself and I cried a little,no big deal" "Well ok aslong as your fine." "So umm why did you freak out and leave like that?" Befire he got a chance to answer the bell rang.Saved by the bell. 

 Will P.O.V
   Thank god the bell rang when it did because what would I say? That I got emotional cause she didn't like me back?! When I was in the bathroom earlier i thought about what she said 'oh it's nothing big...' Bullshit! You could see it in her smile that she had bigger feelings for that stupid 8th grader than she was saying!!!! But one thing is true I'm gonna find out who it is...

~~After School
  I walked home and called for my mom" Mom I'm home!" "Ok honey wait for me in the kitchen I have something to tell you and my brother." Shit, are we in trouble? I waited in the kitchen while eating an apple. She came downstairs along with my brother,Matt. "Ok so boys w me and your father thought that this family deserved a family vacation...." I was liking this idea maybe I would actually have a decent summer. "So we decided to go to New York!" She said with a smile plastered on her face. Yes ! I've always wanted to go there, it's way better than boring old Oregon. "When do we go!" My brother asked, "next week!" Holy shit! Next week that's in 3 days I know I'm gonna be gone for a week but how an I gonna say bye to all of my friends tomorrow is Friday ok I guess that's enough time. What about Melanie?! What I'm not gonna see her beautiful face for 7 frickin days!! I wanted to tell her how I felt about her next week I didn't know how yet but I wanted to... I turned to my brother he was an eighth grader he could know some thing about who she likes. "Hey, Matt do you know about a sophomore liking someone in eighth grade?"I asked , "actually I have and guess who the lucky guy is? He asked mischievously, he knew! "Who?!" I said a little to eagerly. "You're looking at him!" I swear my mouth dropped instantly out of all the boys she picks my brother!? "You're fucking with me!" "Melanie likes you?!" I asked my voice raising. "That's who likes me?" "That's what I've heard, do you like her back?". "Nah shes pretty ,but just not my type, why do you like her?" He asked with a big smirk on his face. I didn't even answer I just ran upstairs I had to tell my friends about New York!

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