One Way Or Another

Melanie a 15 year old was obsessed with One Direction or as she like to refer to as a dedication ,but her friend since 6th grade, Will Monroe bugs her about it all the time the thing is that she will soon develop feelings for him. She just doesn't know they both Like each other how will he express his feelings for her...Will The Answer involve a little someone from a band called One Direction?
First Movella NO hate please its Not gonna be perfect! Enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

Melanie's P.O.V
My alarm buzzed and I woke up quickly,went to use the bathroom and quickly came out and then I changed into a denim button up shirt with dark blue skinnies and some white Keds I put on some mascara .Then I quickly put hair oil on my hair to get rid of the frizz,grabbed my bag and my saxophone(yeah I'm a band nerd:D). I Rushed down the stairs 'hurry up ill wait for you guys outside!'i yelled to my sister and brother.I was halfway down the sidewalk when they caught up with me,they crossed the street to get to their school and waved and then left inside.I decided to listen to some music while I walked to school it was only a five minute walk but I need my 1D! I walked into school and quickly walked to my locker and grabbed my science book and left, as I walked in I noticed that Will was already there....Great!Not. I walked quietly to my desk put my stuff down and grabbed my pencil and walked to the sharpener which is right next to his desk as I passed him'Hey Melonballs!' He yelled while waving.'hey'i replied blankly. I turned around to sharpen my pencil when I felt him playing with my hair I turned around 'will you quit it!?' I half yell ,a small smirk growing on his lips. 'Whats so funny?' I questioned, 'is 'Mrs.Horan' getting angry?!'he said while trying not to laugh,I just rolled my eyes and walked off. I mean he didn't bully me or anything he just made me so mad and annoyed at him, don't get me wrong he's not ugly but most people think he is, he's funny ,athletic.  He's also the most attractive wait! What am I thinking?! Well he is the most attractive out of his friends....I THINK! Melanie! Stop! The bell rang and took me out of my thoughts,Mr.Johnson walked in announced that we would be filling out a worksheet with a partner Oh!Great I barely talk to anyone here there all in Their  little groups ,-sigh-. Well lets just go ask Mr.Johnson if I can work by myself,as I approach his desk I    see Will shoot up from his desk and walk nervously towards me, "Hey you together?"He asks awkwardly ."Sure I guess"I answered he gave me a smile and I smiled back.




    Will P.O.V

    I was so happy she said yes ,as I look over I see her pick her stuff up and walk over to the seat next to me she sat down. I tried being cool with it and scooting closer to her then I noticed that she was already at the edge of her side. My expression saddened a bit and I guess she noticed because she asked me"what's wrong?"I noticed that she was writing her and mine names on the worksheet ...Wow those two names look amazing togeth-"Will?!"She practically yelled catching attention of others,"nothing"I answered coolly. "You were raring at the names.....did you want write them or..?"She asked,"No,no it's just you wrote right,wow you're handwriting is like perfect!"I said. "Thanks" she responded while I notice that her cheeks turned a light shade of pink. "Why did you blush?" I asked curiously,"it's just that you're NEVER nice to me so yeah"she answered. "Whatever lets just start working on this" I said trying to change the subject. As she worked I noticed she had a 'Niall Horan' button her shirt. I got angry and yelled "why the fuck do you like that fag?!?" Thank god it was loud in here, she looked angry and it's not a surprise I've seen her angry before but not THIS angry..."What did you just say?!"She said her voice raising a little. "I said why the fuck do you like that fag?!" I yelled back,"well for your information it's none of your fucking business why I like him!!!" She yelled back standing from her chair,"why do you care so much anyways?" She said calming down a bit."I-I-" I try to say something but I was still very shocked from her quick outrage. "You know what I'm going to work by myself good luck." She started getting up but I finally said something "wait please stay.." I practically begged. "Fine" she said sitting back down,"so can I ask you something?" I asked "sure " she answered "who do you like?" "Wait like like ,like?" She asked confused,"yeah " I said,"we'll I don't really like have deep feelings for anyone at the moment but I do like this 8th grader I mean its just a crush nothing big...."(there sophomores) she said with a smile on her face. "You seem to act like it means more to you though" I answer rudely while storming out of the room.




(A/N) Hey guys so I know I doesn't sound like a 1D fanfic but it is its just deeper in the story but I want you to tell me if I should continue  to write or if its just a waste of time 

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