The Legend of The Crying Gold Statue

Ben is a hardly a regular teenager, for one he is the great, great, great etc, etc grandson of King Midas. That along with a curse that is placed on every 16 yr old in the family will be the desruction of him. - For the Hidden Power Competition


3. The Safe Hut

It was the first time I had been to the Safe hut. My dad was lucky enough to have been building the safe hut when the second gold took over. That was when we built this hut. It was easy to find and was comfortable enough to live in. It had a chair, a table, an Eski to put some food into and a bed. I had helped with the construction, but Dad had to put the final touches onto it, because I was having my second attack. So I never saw the hut, but I new where it was so there was no trouble in finding it. It was simple and very similar too the storeroom hut, no windows, one padlocked door. The hut itself was made out of materials dad had bought before we moved out here. He had brought enough, to build a living house, a storage room and this Safe hut. Where dad would go when my next attack was drawing closer. 'DAD!' I yelled up into the hut. 'Ben, is that you?' He asked. 'yes it is me.' I called back up. 'Has it happened?' He asked. 'Yes, it was part of a plate, a fork and the flower sitting on the table.' I answered. He climbed down the ladder with a backpack, probably full of food, slung over his shoulder. 'Shall we go?' He asked. 'After you.' I replied, and I followed him back to the living hut. They talked all the way back, mainly about the next Gold.

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