Friends Forever and Always

It's the new start of school in September,Acacias second year of high school. She has her group of friends, Beau,Jai, Luke,Skip and James. But when Skip makes a change in his life, it turns Acacia's around as well. They go to the most exclusive high school in Los Angeles. When Acacias dad is busy working,she finds comfort in her dog Fruzzles. Acacia finds love. While Jai and Luke are fan-boying over one directions members over twitter who are in their hometown in Australia.


6. Secret

The next morning I woke up. I put a hoodie on with some skinny jeans as it was cold outside pairing it with my camel brown uggs. I did a natural look on my eyes with the eyeliner that Beau bought me last summer. It was hilarious, we couldnt stop laughing in the shop and Beau accidentally dropped the eyeliner, so the lady said if we dont buy it she'll call security. Funny day that was. I head down the stairs and gave Fruzzles some food. I grabbed a mars bar from the fridge,not exactly the healthiest thing to eat for breakfast but my metabolism is so fast that even if I ate a whole cow I wouldn't even gain a pound. I ran to catch the bus and something caught my sight, I saw someone unusual.............

"James!" I shouted as I ran to him he turned around in suprise

"Acacia!" he yelled back as I ran into a hug with him. "I've missed you soo much, miss me too?"I said jokingly. He nodded and we got onto the bus. We chattered away like old times, even though we havent spoken in months. We got off the bus nudging each other and kidding around. Beau was waiting for me outside the bus. "James! What are you doing back so early, it hasnt even been a day!" Beau said as they did their handshake.

"I left the intership, missed you guys too much." he said.

"Well i'm glad you're back" Beau replied. We walked through to the halls and all of the boys greeted him. Beau pulled me aside into the empty janitors room. He pulled down the small paper curtain and smiled at me. I put down my backpack and he held both of my hands. He raised it above our chests. He rested his forehead on mine and nuzzled his nose closer. "I want to be with you." he whispered as we leaned in for a kiss. I put my arms around him and he rested his arms on my waist. The school bell rang,I pulled away and picked up my bag. "See you later" I said walking out the door.

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