Summer '09

It was a summer full of laughter. A summer full of love. A summer full of relationships. It was the Summer of '09.


5. Niall

"You have to tell her." I say to Harry. "She loves you, mate. You can't go on like nothing happened." I pause. "Tell Sage or I will." Harry looks at me and tears start streaming down his face.

"It's not that easy. She'll hate me. What if she doesn't get over it? I'll be nothing without her. " Harry looks pathetic and vulnerable. He hiccups a cry and I punch him in his bicep. He looks at me in shock.

"Do you even love her, man?" He looks at me like I asked him the most obvious question in the world. Of course he Loves her. How could he not. She is so beautiful, kind, and funny.

"Yes, I do. With everything I have." He looks me dead in the eye and I realize in that second that if he lost her his world would just come crashing down.

"Then tell her. She'll forgive you. She loves you, you know that. She won’t leave you," I mumble. I get up and start walking towards the house. Harry says something else but I can't make out the words. I walk up the steps and see Zayn on Skype with Perrie. I yell 'hi' to her and move down the hallway to the battle area. I look in the door and as I look in all I can focus on is Sage in the fetal position crying. She's done nothing wrong. It was Harry, but he's making her believe she did. Anger runs through me and I decide to just go to my room and wait. Because deal is, if he doesn't tell her by tomorrow, I will.

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