falling at first sight

It was just a normal day out with my best friend Sophie, thats when my eyes met the sparkly blue eyes of the best looking guy i had ever seen. that's when i relized who he was...


3. The meeting

And he was looking directly at me...

I could feel me cheeks going red and I could tell he had noticed when a huge grin grew on his face. Sophie still hadn't noticed that i was staring at Niall Horan and he was staring back. "Sophie!" I whispered. "Shh i'm picking a film," She replied. the next thing i know he starts to walk towards me. I could feel my palms starting to sweat as he got closer. Now he was directly infront of me so i spun my whole body around to face him....


Niall's p.o.v

Who is this beatiful girl? I thought to my self hoping she would turn fully around. her beatiful blond hair was wet causing it to curl on her shoulders.

The guys and i just got in here from a mob of fans but luckly i wasn't too wet. The guys had gone off to get tickets to the new film World War Z, i wasn't sure, but what ever. I was too busy concentrated on this girl. She finally turned fully around and i gazzed into her ocean blue eyes, they were a bit like mine. She must of relized who i was because she started blushing, her smile was so beautiful i couldn't help but grin as i walked over to her.


Nicola's p.o.v

"This one lets go and see World War Z!" Sophie said with excitment and walked off to get the tickets. Ahh! Oh my God! I'm on my own and he is almost infront of me! What do I do? What do i do?! I panicked. "hey there love" he said in his rich Irish accent which made me melt. I could feel my knees going weak and then i relized i had to answer. "Hey" I said trying to keep cool. I flicked my hair off my shoulders and shyly bit my lip (Habbit) and turned to see where Sophie was, but quickly looked back at Niall. "What are you going to see?" He asked me still with the massive grin on his face. "I think my friend wanted to see World War Z, so has gone to get tickets". I replied so nervously. I think he could tell how nervous i was and he stepped closer and whispered "don't be nervous i'm just a normal guy". This made me relax a little bit, but then Sophie walked back and swung her head up to look at me. "Nicola I got the tick.." She saw us and gasped. "Nicola, that's a pretty name." he said winking at me. I could feel myself blushing again. "Oh, this is my friend Sophie", I said gesturing to her to come closer. her mouth was still wide open. "Hi, i'm Niall" he said to her. "Oh, umm, hi" She said still in shock.

There was a small silence until we heard a shout...

Niall's p.o.v

"Niall!" The guys yelled. They looked cheeky when they saw i was chatting up 2 girls, well, i only really wanted to get close to Nicola. "Hey! Over here!" I replied. They all came rushing over and i saw the girl Sophie face light up when she saw Harry speeding over with the popcorn. "Niall we've got the tickets to World War Z" Liam said. They were all next to me when Harry siad" Who are these 2 beautiful girls here? niall, introduce us" he winked at me and turned back to the girls. i could see him eyeing up Nicola, but I wanted to ask her out. "Umm, well, this is Sophie and this is Nicola", I said pointing at each of them then winking at Nicola. She blushed and bit her lip again which I found really cute. "We should go and get our seats" Nicola said, starting to turn away. "Bye " Sophie said and with that they walked away.

Harry's p.o.v

I could see in Niall's face that he liked Nicola and was sad to her walk away. I thought she was pretty hot but i know that i'm not to do anything cause of Niall. i looked at the other one Sophie, She was really hot too. i wonder if we will meet them again.

Nicola's p.o.v

We just got our seats. it took a while to get into the cinema cause the screening was on the top floor. Sophie and i still couldn't believe what had just happened. it was great! niall was my favourite and when he started talking to me.. oh!  It was amazing!

we heard a lot of talking it sounded a lot like girls. We turned to see the door and guess who walked in! It was the guys! "Oh My God! Nicola it's them again!" Sophie tried to keep calm. "I know! I wonder where they will sit" I was really hoping that it was close to us. Then I caught Niall's eye, he tapped the guy's shoulders and they headed up to us. Niall came up to me and asked" Is anyone sitting here?" Pointing to the seat next to me. "No, no" "Thanks" he said sitting done. Harry sat next to Sophie and the others spread them selfs next to Harry and Niall. "So, do you live here?" he asked me. "umm, yeah, Sophie and I just moved into a flat alittle bit down the road" i replied still stunned by the fact that he sat next to me. "Cool, you like it here?" he said with his amazing voice. "Yeah i didn't live that far away in the first place, but it's great!" I said just as the movie was starting. I like sacry films but i'm not the best to coap with them.


Niall's p.o.v

She was so beautiful. Her hands were on the arm rests, I don't think that she coaps with films like this cause her facial expression, even though it was adorible she looked kinda scared. I think i might ease her off and hold her hand. should i ? i don't know, the next thing i know i've grabbed her hand. I guess i don't coap well with theses films either. She looked up at me but she didn't mind, she just smiled with her pearly white teath and turnned back to the film. phew. i'm so glad she didn't mind.

I can't stop staring at her, every now and again she looks up at me and when our eyes meet i just want to kiss her but i can't do that. The film is almost over and her grip on my hand tightens and she nuzels her head in my shoulder. i think she just relized that it was wierd because she brought her head up imedietly after. "It's fine, you can do that, it's okay" I whispered to her. "are you sure?" she whispered back. I gave her a gentle nodd and the next thing i know her head is on my shoulder. I love it. Even though we just met i could feel myself falling at first sight. I kissed her forehead and her face was shocked but also happy at the same time, i was relieved.


Nicola's p.o.v

The film has just finished and Niall and i let go hands. I still can't believe that just happened. I really liked him before but now even though we just met i could feel myself falling at first sight. Once we were back down stairs the guys were just talking but Niall was talking to me and Harry with Sophie. i looked outside i saw that the streets were flooding and that's when Niall's phone started ringing. "hello" He spoke. "Yeah... Uhuh.... Okay right bye" He hung up. "Guys that was just Paul we are going to find a place to stay tonight because the roads are too bad to travel on" Niall said with a smirk. "You can stay with us!" Sophie said quickly, harry started grinning. "We have 2 spare bedrooms" she quickly added on. "that sounds alright, what do you guys think?" harry asked. They all siad "yeah that's fine". I shot Sophie a look but her and harry were too caught up in each other's eyes. I guess they will just be spending the night.....

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