falling at first sight

It was just a normal day out with my best friend Sophie, thats when my eyes met the sparkly blue eyes of the best looking guy i had ever seen. that's when i relized who he was...


6. Rain

I woke up in the same postition i fell asleep in, wrapped in Niall's arms. I loved it, it was so warm and it made me feel safe. I looked at my clock and saw that it was 10:30. Niall was still sound asleep, but as i ried to get up to make some breakfast, his grip on me tightened. I shrugged it off thinking that it was just his dream and slowly sat up and about to get off the bed. "Where do you think you're going?" Niall grabs me and pulls me back down so he is almost on top of me. "Haha, i was going to make some breakfast, but you stopped me, I guess you don't want any" I laughed. "Emm, well i had another idea of what we could do before breakfast" He whispered and pressed his soft pink lips against mine. It got passionate again and i couldn't resist running my hands through his golden hair, he then started so lick my bottem lip asking for permission. I almost imedeilty open my mouth and our toungs just explore each other's mouth. Now Niall is ontop of me and i could feel his hand goign up my shirt and to my chest. He stopped right before them and pulled away. "Come on lets go and get breakfast" He winks at me. "You are such a tease!" i mutter. "Yeah and you know you love it. Besides i told you i wouldn't do anything.... yet" He smiles and pulls me out of bed. We walk in to the livingroom/ kitchen and see that Zayn, Liam and Louis are already up and watching TV. "So, who wants breakfast?!" I ask. they all jump up from the couch so fast it was like a blur. "What do you have?" Zayn asks. "Emm, bread, cereal, milk, fruit..". they're expressions went blank.... "But there is also the non-boreing stuff like waffels, chocolate pastries, sausages, baccon and i think that there could be pancake mix but you will have to ask Sophie cause I don't really like panckes" I laugh. they're expressions lighten up until Louis blurts out "YOU DON'T LIKE PANCAKES?!" "No, not really, i have had really bad experiances with them and they're abit too sweet to have more than one" I giggled and bit my lip. I saw Niall start to smirk and come closer. "So, what would you guys like?" I say before Niall could tease me again. "Eh, can i get some waffels?" Zayn asks, "Yeah me too" Liam added. "Yeah, of course, that's what i'm having, Louis?" I turned and Niall was now behind me. "I will take Pancakes, please" He maschesd back to the sofa. "Okay and Niall?" I turn back to face him. He leans close to my ear and whispers "You" and gives me a cheeky grin and a wink. I blysh just as the others sit back down. "Haha okay... what do you want for breakfast?" Changing the question. "I won't be awkward like Louis! and i will have some waffels babe, thanks". i walk straight past him to get some waffels out and the pancake mix. i bend over to get the waffel grill out and a pan for the pancakes. I could feel lots of eyes watching me but i shrugged it off and as i put 4 waffels in to grill and poured some pancake mix in the pan, a pair of lare warm arms wrap around my weist and i could feel soft hair on my nake as a pair of soft lips corresed my skin. It was Niall. Luckly the buys were watching the TV because i couldn't help but let a small moan escape my lips. He quickly covers my mouth and whispers "Don't let them hear you babe" He winks at me and walks to the sofa. (I'm going to skip finishing making the breakfast).

"Alright, that's breakfast ready!" I called them over. "Is Harry and Sophie still not up yet?" I ask. "Not to be seen" Liam winks at me. "Great! i'm starving"Niall yells. They all walk over and grab a plate. we all shove it down, but i did it a little more lady like. "Nicola, theses are really good" Zayn complaments. "Thanks" I replie and look at Louis. "Yeah, these pancakes are exceptable" Louis speaks with pride. "Good, glad you like them,". i walk up and put the dishes in the dish washer. "What are you guys doing today?" i ask, not really sure what to expect. "Em, well Paul called saying that the flooding has gotten wrose and we will need to saty here with you for a few days. Is that okay?" Liam asks. "Yeah, that's fine" I replie, I can't wait for the next few days, they will be the best of my life....


Hey i've seen that a few people have read this so far which makes me quite happy! I really need to know if you guys think that this okay. Please comment what you think and like my story (only if you like it, i don't mind). Thanks for reading this.

p.s sorry that this one is slightly shorter than the others i'm about to go out for lunch but might write the next chapter when i get back. Bye. x

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