falling at first sight

It was just a normal day out with my best friend Sophie, thats when my eyes met the sparkly blue eyes of the best looking guy i had ever seen. that's when i relized who he was...


1. Getting ready

I just woke up from one of the best night sleep i have ever had. my dirty blond hair was resting on my shoulders and my bright blue eyes were dark and fuzzy. i looked at my phone it was only 10 am , so i thought about going back to sleep, but my best friend Sophie barged into my room and jumped onto my bed. "Hey! get up sleepy head! We are going to go and explore Glasgow today, so hurry up and get ready."" Alright i'll be ready in half an hour! Now get off my bed!". Sophie walked out the door and i slowly crawled out of the comfort of my bed. i slipped into the bathroom and had a quick shower, brushed my teeth, etc. i came out and slipped on my dipped died shorts, my white lacy top and shoved on my converses. I'm not really one for using a hair dryer (only when i really need to) so i just let it dry naturally and i applied some masscara and a little concealer.  I grabbed my maroon hoodie and ran out of my bedroom and into the kitchen for a snack. "Hey Nicola!" Sophie yelled while bardging through the door. "guess what i saw on the internet!?" She had the most excited expression on her face. "What?" I asked, mainly paying attention the food calling my name. "Well...... One direction are in Scotland!" She jumped with glee. "What? Really! AHHHHHH!" I screemed. We both loved them sooo much. "And..... They are in...... Glasgow, today!" She was a little more calm now but not much. "Well i guess we might meet them" I winked at her and grabbed my bag. "Why are they here?" I asked her heading fo the door. "They want to meet more fans and stuff and they feel like they don't come to Scotland enough. I just can't believe it! we only moved into this flat a week ago and already famous people are sooo close!" She yellped. I couldn't help it but i burst out laughing. "Are you ready and calm Sophie?" I asked her shutting th door. She replied "Yes i am Nicola" with a slight giggle. And with that we left heading for the shops...

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