I trust you -Harry styles fanfic-

Cleo was bullied since 7th grade. She could never fight back, she was to weak. Luckly one day came where everything changed.


4. Not what I expected



As the robber was about to cut me with a knife he fell to the floor with blood on his head. I looked at who helped me and it was Harry. HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW WHERE I LIVED. " are you alright,love." he asked me with worry in his eyes. "um yea I'm fine and how do u know where I live?"he didn't reply but he did get closer to me but as he was at least an inch away from my face we heard an eeewwwwww get me out of here before I have to witness everything me and Harry laughed. First time in months that I did laugh. Right then and there the cops came in and took him away." at least you didn't have to witness anything!" he shouted and looked at me again." is it alright if I spend the night tonight so you won't get hurt" he asked " sure but if you try anything I will kill you ok" I said with a serious face and tone. "ok" he simple stated and grabbed my hand and ran to the livingroom.


"let's watch a movie" I said. She stood up and look at the movies she had and picked one." would you like to watch case 39."she asked I just nodded. She put the movie in and ever so often would put her head in my chest. I chuckled every time. The movie was over so we just watched tv. Then I foud myself start to stare at her. "take a picture it last longer." she stated while giggling. I lovd the way she laughed and giggled I love her. WAIT WHAT DIDYOU JUST SAY HARRY YOU CAN'T LOVE HERYOU BARELY KNOW HER. Well I guess I'm falling hard. 


So I thought I would just right a chapter for today sorry if it's short just a little filler for you guys. Hope you guys like it 


~ Elizabeth 

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