Summer Love

Serenity is a troublemaker and isn't really accepted in her family because shes different and doesn't act like she should. After she takes it over the top before summer vacation, her parents send her away to stay in London with her aunt for the summer. She hates it there until she realizes that there are people like her and that there is someone who truly understands her pain. Can someone change her perspective of life and maybe cause her heart to beat a little faster?
In this story, a small town stubborn girl falls into the hands of a big city and might just be falling head over heels.
(Note: This story is going to be a bit like "Dark" so I give credit to the author of "Dark" if any of my ideas sound similar or seem similar to those of that in "Dark".)


7. You Have No Idea

My gaze stayed locked with his for a while until Aunt El took notice to the fact that Zayn had taken interest into something behind her. She turned as her eyes widened and a huge grin spread across her face. 

"Oh, Serenity! I'm so glad you're here! This lovely young boy helped me find my way around and so I invited him for lunch. You don't mind right?" She spoke gesturing towards the half stranger. 

"No, not at all." I managed to say between gritted teeth. 

"Hello love. I'm Zayn. Haven't we met before?" He said shaking my hand. The smile on his face was just as fake as his "nice boy" act for Aunt El. 

I remained silent, unable to create a sentence to say back to him. I quickly removed my hand from his as I looked at, a still smiling, Aunt El. 

"I have a great idea! Zayn, why don't you take Serenity out one night this week and maybe show her around town? Like a little date! It would be a perfect way for her to make a new friend." 

El's words made my hands sweaty. She had no idea what Zayn was really like. I could never let her know what he had done to me in the store. She would never let me be alone anywhere. 

"That sounds brilliant." His dark quiff turned to me as a quick smile turned into a smirk. His chocolate eyes pierced through mine as he could read my emotions. He knew I didn't want this to happen, yet , that I wanted to take the dare. 

He picked up his black hoodie off of the chair as he gave a small hug to Aunt El. Her smile never left her face. He began making his way closer to my body. I felt him hover over me as soft lips touched my ear. 

"I'll see you soon." Hot breath trickled from his mouth as I felt chills down my spine. His body soon pulled away from mine as he swing the jacket over his shoulder. His tall frame disappeared into the swarms of busy shoppers. 

"Isn't he amazing?" El said as her smile became wider. I still couldn't manage to let words slip out of my mouth. My body remained in shock as his last words circled my mind. 

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