Summer Love

Serenity is a troublemaker and isn't really accepted in her family because shes different and doesn't act like she should. After she takes it over the top before summer vacation, her parents send her away to stay in London with her aunt for the summer. She hates it there until she realizes that there are people like her and that there is someone who truly understands her pain. Can someone change her perspective of life and maybe cause her heart to beat a little faster?
In this story, a small town stubborn girl falls into the hands of a big city and might just be falling head over heels.
(Note: This story is going to be a bit like "Dark" so I give credit to the author of "Dark" if any of my ideas sound similar or seem similar to those of that in "Dark".)


8. The Sketch

The ride back to Aunt El's was mostly her talking. Images of what had happened at the mall still filled my head. Just thinking about it gave me goosebumps. 

Before she even fully parked the car, I ran into the house as the summer breeze hit my face. I made my way up the flight of long stairs and to the bathroom. I stand there staring at my reflection wondering why that boy chose me out of all those other pretty girls. 

The warm water ran from the faucet as I stripped off from my jacket and my hair was placed into a messy bun. I let the water wash away the makeup I had on. I needed sleep. I needed to stop thinking about the day. I quickly changed from my day clothes into something to wear for bed. 

From the bag that I had hung on the chair, I grabbed my journal. Making sure to include all the details from today's event. 

My hands trembled as I wrote his name. Just under his name I began to sketch. I wasn't really paying attention to what my pencil was making as I heard a buzzing noise from under the sheets. 

The screen to my phone illuminated as I read the text message: 

Hello love. Saturday is good for you , yeah? Xx - Z 

On the other end I could tell he was smirking. He knew I wasn't going to refuse. He knew I was too intimidated by him. I slowly typed a short 'yea' as I locked my phone. The bright screen had went black as I looked back down at the paper. The sketch had become more clear. It was the dark haired boy that I had drawn. 

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