Dating Darcy

Lonely girl, Darcy dreams of becoming a dancer, but when she gets this opportunity she grabs it. But this dream didn't have a happy ending,, when she moves to the new town, for her dance school, its go's wrong, and when bad boy James appears, things cant get any worse, can they?

Well that's what she thought.


1. Chapter 1.

The letter just came!

I opened it, not bending a slight corner, or creasing a edge, it was a dream come true!

I applied for the dance school last November, and I got a letter saying I was in the top 100, but this letter was saying I got in the royal ballet school! It was all the way in London! Down here in Birmingham, nothing much happens, but now I will get to go to London and have this dream come true!


"Darcy, have you got all your stuff" Mum asked "Yes mum," I replied with an ever lasting grin on my face, "well off you go!" She said, I got onto the train and waved goodbye to my old life, "Is anybody sitting here" I asked to the person sitting down "Oh.. yeah you can sit there" A guy said, he looked about 18, He finally looked up, after an hour of him on his phone, I don't think he had saw me until now, because his eyes, looked me up and down, and he had a slight grin, boys always look at me, just because I am in quite good shape, I am 17 and have a body like Jessica rabbit, well my nan always said that, just because I am a dancer.

''So, what's your name?" I asked the person, ''James" He said, ''Yours?'' I blushed ''Darcy-may, but most people just call me Darcy'' He grinned ''So why the embarrassing look on your face?" He asked politely ''Oh. Just.. my voice, it sounds posh. Compared to you'' He nodded, agreeing, I did have a slight black country part in my voice, but my mom moved me to a posh school; ''So, where, are you of to?" James said, ''The Royal Ballet School'' I said, proudly, kind of showing off ''You?'' He looked down ''Visiting my dad in hospital'' ''Oh. I'm so sorry..''

Me and James talked the whole journey, even though we had just met, he seemed interested, into me and my dancing, he said he got kicked out of school when he was 14, and he has just done nothing since then, he seemed like a bad boy, but the thing is, I have never done anything bad in my life..



hey guys, like my new book? I am thinking off getting rid of my old books, or maybe not?

Tell me if you like it, and click the love and favourite button! cuz its only two clicks! not that hard! shall I carry on with this book??

Summer x <3

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