Grace Smith is a simple British girl.

No, she's not bullied, no, she's not depressed.

She's a happy girl. She loves everything and that's why everyone loves her.

Then out of nowhere she meets a boy, Aiden Harris and like all the girls, she falls for the AMERICAN boy.


1. Characters

Name: Grace Aimee Smith

Features: Long dark, straight hair, blue eyes.

Description: She has a really nice personality. She loves plying with her flute. She loves everyone and puts herself after everybody. She loves helping people and she dreams of becoming a doctor or a teacher because she also loves children.


Name: Cassandra Jane Smith

Features: Long, dark, wavy hair and brown eyes.

Description: Cassandra (Cassie) is probably the opposite of Grace. She is a nice and lovely person though. She hates children and puts herself in front of everyone. She used to go to piano lessons when she was younger but she hated it. She wants to be a model.


Name: Aiden Edward Harris

Features: Brown hair, most of the time styled in to a quiff and brown eyes.

Description: Aiden is an American boy. He has really warm heart and he's an amazing friend. If you're feeling really sad, he would jump in his car and go to your house so he could comfort you. He really loves children, after all he has a baby sister. He dreams of being a teacher or travel agent.



© Copyright 2013 LanaDelSummer

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